Drug Addiction Term Paper

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Addiction -- Why?

Addiction can be categorized in three ways as follows: social addiction, physical (physiological) addiction, or psychological (chemical) addiction (Knapp, 1996). Addiction to a substance typically stems from abuse of that substance and substance abuse is occurring in the midst of addiction; though, (short-or-long-term) substance abuse does not necessarily have to occur before the criteria for addiction is met (Stiles, 2011). All addicts are substance abusers but not all abusers are addicts. It is important to make the distinction between the two even though abuse of a substance is happening in the midst of addiction, other predispositions contribute towards addiction and in many cases an addict is predisposed towards addiction long before his/her first use or becomes an addict not from abusing a substance but simply from using one that may not be illegal (alcohol, cigarettes, legally prescribed medications).

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Further, it is also important to make a distinction between addiction to substances with addiction towards feelings or activities. The majority of discourse about addiction revolves around substances, particularly illegal drugs, illegally obtained prescription drugs, or alcohol. However, many psychologists and medical professionals, particularly those who specialize in addiction, continually emphasize the power of addiction in all its forms (social, physical, and psychological) on such feelings and activities as gambling, eating (food), sex, spirituality, self-harm tactics, power, money, shopping, pornography, politics, violence, fear, theft, and any other obsession/compulsion that becomes an integral part of one's life in which the trigger is required to "feel" normal and involves some degree of negative consequences (Stiles, 2011).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Drug Addiction Assignment

The "why" of addiction is somewhat controversial and varies among stories. It is clearly a mixture of socio-cultural factors with certain biological factors and life experiences. The only commonalities of addiction are as follows: everyone is (1) first a "user;" (2) coping/compensating with/for something; (3) affected by addiction in all aspects of life (eventually).

Bio-psycho-socio-cultural factors

As previously stated, the cause of addiction seems most accurately described as a mixture of socio-cultural factors with certain biological factors and life experience factors. Some experts argue that people are born addicts while others argue that people become addicts. Some addicts are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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