Synopsis of Drug Abuse Resources Summary Essay

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The public service announcements on are very effective in showing the negative consequences of both licit and illicit drug use. Each announcement reenacts a real life situation caused by the use of specific drugs and the addiction that accompanies such drug use. These public service announcements present 'The Lie' in its original form, how it is usually presented to our youth, and then through these re-enactments, produce a realistic portrait of where these drugs will actually lead.

Each public service announcement covers a 'reason' why teenagers might initially experiment with drugs. Wanting to be cool and the effects of peer pressure are presented in one announcement. 'The Lie' is followed by 'The Truth'. The inevitable arguing with one's parents, sleeping in class, fighting with and breaking off from friends, stealing, robbery, sickness and possible death are all presented. These real, inevitable consequences for abusing drugs.

The public service announcements on deal with cocaine, marijuana, lsd, heroin, crack, meth, glue, and alcohol. Prescriptions medications found in medicine cabinets across the country, such as riddlin and pain killers are included as well.

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The PSA's at give a list of all the he and she said lies that accompany the initial drug use. He said it would be the best high I ever experienced. She said if I did one line I would be able to party all night long. After the initial he said, and the reenactment of the actual consequences, each announcement ends the same. He Lied. She Lied.

TOPIC: Summary Essay on Synopsis of Drug Abuse Resources Assignment

One specific announcement described heroin as the best high ever. The young lady was told there was nothing like it. The best high resulted in her destroying her bedroom, fighting with her parents, stealing her mother's purse, shaking uncontrollably, and eventually winding up in the street. That was the truth. The unbelievable high was just the lie. The lie that could get a teenager looking for answers hooked.

The circumstances and drug of choice might change but the lie remains the same. The central theme throughout the entire announcement is the negative effects that the drug use will have. It is the look of pain in the child's eye. When the pain is present, the truth is uncovered.

Television Advertisement

The Bud Light "Sure Sign of a Party" television advertisement was initially broadcast during the 2010 Super Bowl on February 7, 2010 on NBC. It was broadcast during prime time television and has been rated one of the top ten super bowl commercials by various polling organizations including Spike.

The premise of the commercial is that Bud Light is an absolute essential in ensuring a good time. When a man returns from the store with Bud Light in hand, his wife questions their plans. Instantly, the night time plans begin to evolve around the purchase. A telephone game between friends to get the news out ensures there will be an evening party filled with good times and Bud Light. The commercial promotes that a party is only complete while enjoying this beverage. People, sing, dance and change nightly plans, when they are told there will be Bud Light at the evening's house party. The characters depicted even changed their voices into song as they spoke. When the commercial fast forwarded to the party, it included a guest appearance by T. Pain, enjoying his beverage of choice. The commercial showed an overabundance of beer, and glorified the consumption of alcohol. Including a rap singer that primarily has an adolescent to young adult audience in the television advertisement is a clear indication of the intended audience of the commercial. The targeted audience would inevitably be reached as the Super bowl is the most watched television program of the year.

Through false images and empty promises of happiness and popularity, it became abundantly clear that this commercial was directed towards adolescents as well as adults. Not once did this advertising take into consideration who might actually be watching. The Super bowl is long considered a time for huge advertising dollars to be spent on creative commercials. It is a time that the entire family gets together during the culmination of one of America's favorite pastimes. I feel like I was bombarded with advertising actually pushing the use of alcoholic beverages throughout the programming. The Super bowl is a time when beer is being consumed and often in great quantities.

At the end of the ad is a statement that flashes quickly on the screen. "Please drink responsibly." This is in complete contrast to the visual images and dialogue presented throughout the commercial. The justification of including this statement, is similar to the very small surgeon general's warning on the inside cover of a pack of cigarettes. Both offer a small suggestion or warning that is often disregarded or overseen as the glorification of the substance is presented.

Socially responsible drinking was not depicted or promoted in this advertisement. The promise of a good time was the commercial's premise. A good time built on an illusion of happiness that only Bud Light can produce.


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Schinke, S. (2005)Gender Specific Computer Based Intervention for Preventing Drug Abuse Among Girls.

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Gender Specific Prevention

The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse describes a documented correlation between gender and substance abuse is one that has female participants more likely to become physically and psychologically dependent on both licit and illicit drugs. With the rate of alcohol consumption and marijuana use on the rise in the early adolescent female sector, it is essential that proper intervention and education begin early on.

"Evidence of girls' substance use rates notwithstanding, gender -- specific prevention programs for girls are in short supply." (Schinke,2005) the present recession and national budget cuts, have led to gender-specific prevention and treatment programs less readily available. Therefore, fewer girls are qualifying for treatment due to monetary reasons. Treatment and rehabilitation centers across the country have changed their policy from gender-specific to gender- nonspecific. This has resulted in a decline of people sticking to their recovery plan for any extended period of time. Distractions caused by the opposite sex in recovery have had a direct effect on their treatment's effectiveness.

Knowledge is the key to prevention, and this is where computer based intervention programs have come into play. The Knowledge we seek is found throughout the internet. Gender specific CD Rom prevention programs have been created to help educate our youth. The anonymous nature of the program has been shown to elevate some of the girl's anxiety in revealing personal things in face-to-face programs. "Girls who are more knowledgeable in subjects such as the damage caused by drug abuse or eating disorders are less likely to get involved in such behaviors and more likely to abstain from such drugs as alcohol and cigarettes." (Schinke,2005)While treatment and recovery is in great need, there is an even a greater need for education and prevention. This too can be found on the internet free of charge. The knowledge is there for whoever seeks it and it is possible for our youth to be guided toward it.

Computers programs can bring much needed information into the private environment of these children's home. It is also ideal for helping parents who have a hard time talking to their kids about sensitive issues. "Computers are ideal for intervening with youth on such sensitive topics as drug and alcohol use because they allow for more private disclosure than interventions in live group settings." (Schinke,2005)the research documented supported computer-based gender specific prevention programs as compared to conventional interventions. "The consistent directionality of outcomes, together with the range of assessed parameters, strengthens the quality of study findings. Although further research is needed on a large-scale model, this study was a good indicator of projected results. Prevention and education via the computer allow gender-based programs to be accessible and productive. (ITR) is a social networking website dedicated to the recovery of addiction to alcohol and drugs. It refers to itself as a "Global Recovery Community" and has a motto of H.I.T.C.H (Help Inform Touch Connect Heal). ITR has a quick registration process which includes only adding a username, valid email address, and password… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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