Drug Use During Pregnancy Term Paper

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Baer and colleagues have reported that 14-year-old adolescents who had been exposed to alcohol during their mother's pregnancy consumed greater quantities of alcohol than did adolescents without such a history...a regression analysis combining prenatal alcohol use and family history of alcoholism revealed that prenatal alcohol exposure retained a greater effect after adjustment for family history than did family history after adjusting for alcohol exposure. (Hill, Lowers, Locke-Wellman & Shen, 2000, p. 661)

It is clear that there is at least some link between adolescent behaviors and prenatal behaviors of the mother. Though generally when looking at the effects of prenatal drug consumption, medical professionals have assessed the visible medical effects upon the child as an infant. The long-term implications of drug consumption is still very much a mystery, in most cases. Additionally, there is a significant body of research that details similar connections between prenatal smoking behavior of the mother and detrimental behavior as teenagers.

Several studies have reported finding an association between maternal prenatal smoking and such externalizing behaviors as truancy, conduct disorder, attentional problems and impulsivity (Brennan et al., 1999; Fergusson et al., 1998; Wakschlag et al., 1997). (Hill, Lowers, Locke-Wellman & Shen, 2000, p. 661)

In a world seeking redemption from the evils of modernity and corruption, there is much to be said about the possible link between the deeds of the early deeds of the mother and the immoral and delinquent acts of the child.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Drug Use During Pregnancy There Assignment

It is the responsibility of moral leaders to intervene for the sake of the good of the whole. One fact must be clearly presented the glamorization of drug use as well as the availability of illicit substances for the consumption by women and children alike is alarming and must have some sort of workable solution. Furthermore the reduced importance placed upon family and the protective state of marriage for children has contributed greatly to this problem. Children are having sex at much younger ages and at much determent to their lives and the lives of their potential offspring and all of this is happening within a culture that finds sex, outside of marriage and even at very young ages acceptable and inevitable.

The above work has demonstrated a greater need for understanding about the serious risks of assailing one's body with chemicals of any kind during pregnancy or even if pregnancy is suspected. Those who are losing the most in this phenomenon of available moral degradation are the innocents being created, some would say, outside the intended atmosphere for creation. Morally speaking it is abhorrent to consider using even the most innocuous substance during pregnancy, for any reason, yet it is clearly on the rise. The trend is especially disturbing in the light of the importance of the recognition of our bodies as a reflection of the lord and more importantly our bodies as a temple of the lord.


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