Term Paper: Drugs and Addiction Prolonged

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[. . .] These are people with abundant knowledge regarding health benefits, which they would receive from eating healthy to stimulate their cognitive functioning. Nevertheless, the fact that there exists an easy way of going about the cognitive performance without getting sweaty or on diets makes the needs appeal appended on stimulants. This drug provides a quick fix, which makes it the best option for those looking for optimal performance without much of a struggle with diets and physical exercises. This is producing a society where competition is becoming null because of the unfair use of enhancers against the efforts of others. The ethical unfairness for people under the influence of drugs is the manner in which they promote a lower look on those who are not under the influence of enhancers. They are producing a society, which is forcing people to find means of fitting in instead of making the society conducive for people's existence.

Other than focusing on ethical implications, it is perhaps necessary for people to start focusing on the benefits of using enhancers. Some researchers have proposed that the use of enhancers in promoting cosmetic functioning can be equated to cosmetic surgery. Those who chose the use of enhancers have a right of choice for the best things to do for their lives. Banning the use of enhancers would just present an infringement on their rights. The availability of Adderril is limited because it is a prescription drug; however, the promotion of its availability would help students with lower IQ, in finding solutions for poor performance in class. If food is continuously available for people because of the need for its beneficial factors, it is possible saying that Adderall use is also in need for ready availability of the drug.

However, looking at the aspirations brought about by the continued use of drugs like Adderall and piracetam and modafinil, the opportunities they enhance or block remain deserving of further research and debate. The use of these drugs to sharpen the brain against eating healthily makes the brain functioning fast. However, it is obvious that they do not expand the brain. That takes any chances for advocating for ease of accessibility of the drugs, into a hard corner. The drugs block freedom of efficiency by blocking natural creativity.


The craving for performance and improved efficiency is the driving force to the use of some very addictive drugs like Adderall. Students are most affected because they are always looking for ways of being better performers in their study lives, later simulating it to their career lives. However, the use of stimulants like Adderall cannot be encouraged just as the need for healthy eating. As much as healthy eating is as essential as using Adderall in enhancement of the functioning of the brain, the implications of using Adderall to both self and others is negative. These are aspects, which cannot be related to the health benefits promoted by healthy eating. It is, therefore, very unethical using stimulants to compete against suspecting or unsuspecting individuals. These people naively take the addicts as equal competitors while the addicts' exceptional performance is merely out of brain stimulation, and not natural activity. [END OF PREVIEW]

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