Drugs and Alcohol's Influence Essay

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Drugs are also tied to crime as well. The same study showed that 45.8% of inmates surveyed had used illicit rugs within a month of being arrested. Additionally, 19% of Canadian inmates studied in this survey had used drugs daily prior to their arrest, with an astounding 34% of inmates having used drugs at least once a week before they were apprehended (Brochu et al. 1999). The drug most used on the day the crime was committed was cocaine, according to (Brochu et al. 1999). Moreover, the research shows that the type of drug used is often associated with particular types of crimes. For example, use of cocaine and its derivatives is mostly associated with the crimes of theft and robbery, while marijuana use was tied mostly to break ins (Brochu et al. 1999). Therefore, the literature does show a common relationship between drugs / alcohol and crime.

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I personally believe that an internship experience would only further validate the issues raised in the current body of literature. Actually being able to experience dealing with people under the influence of drugs and alcohol would help show their increased erratic behaviors. More importantly, having a such a close relationship with people who abuse drugs and alcohol might help allow me to ask in-depth questions regarding the nature of their behavior. I believe that upon asking why crimes were committed, alcohol and drugs would have a large role to play in a number of cases. Essentially, the close proximity to those who abuse drugs and alcohol would only confirm the close relationship presented in the research between drugs / alcohol and crime.


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TOPIC: Essay on Drugs and Alcohol's Influence on Assignment

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Parker, Robert Nash & Auerhahn, Kathleen. (1998). Alcohol, drugs, and violence. Annual Review of Sociology,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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