Drugs and Alcohol Issues Essay

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Meanwhile, other people become obese or obsessed with computer gaming or alcoholics. There appear to be genetic components to addictive behavior because it is often evident in different generations within families.

However, addiction is probably more of a dysfunctional behavior pattern and the product of various coping attempts of individuals through the wrong means. A person who discovers that drinking dulls the pain of some emotional issue may begin drinking more and more because of that reward. Another person may find emotional solace in eating sugary deserts or doughnuts. They may also exchange one addiction for another. But, in those cases, their addiction occurred as a specific result of the underlying issues and not because the person was necessarily afflicted with a disease of addiction. In many cases, addiction can even express itself over healthy behaviors, such as exercise. It may also fulfill some of the same subconscious needs as less healthy addictions. All of those types of addictions may have complex psychological and physiological components, but that does not necessarily mean that they are evidence of disease in the classic sense.

4) Which drug (drug classification) do you think has the most detrimental effect on the body's nervous system?

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From my understanding, methamphetamines can be devastating to the neurological system. They alter the way that neurons communicate and the way that neurotransmitters are released and reabsorbed. Apparently, regular use of various kinds of amphetamines and other drugs such as MDMA or "ecstasy" can destroy the neurons that produce important mood-regulating neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. They can also interfere with the ability of neuron receptors to respond to those neurotransmitters the way they are supposed to. In the long-term, those kinds of physiological changes can be the cause of clinical depression because the brain and mood of the drug user is no longer capable of being regulated through the normal process of mood regulation.

TOPIC: Essay on Drugs and Alcohol Issues Explain Assignment

5) FOUR LOKO is a drink comprised of 23 and a half ounces, with 12-percent alcohol and the caffeine equivalent of at least two cups of coffee. Energy drink consumption has been on the rise over the last 3-5 years. A number of deaths have been associated with energy drink consumption in otherwise healthy young adults. Combined with alcohol many young people are using these types of drinks to stay awake yet intoxicated. SB 39 aims to block the selling of caffeinated beer beverages in CA and is waiting to be signed by Governor Brown. What is your opinion on the safety of energy drink consumption?

What is your opinion on caffeinated alcohol drinks? Would you support the passage of SB 39?

I understand why caffeinated alcohol drinks might be more of a problem than other types of alcoholic beverages. I also understand why it might make sense to restrict their sale in bars or in various other retail situations where they could contribute to problematic behaviors associated with energetic intoxicated people in groups. However, I think a complete ban on the product is too paternalistic a control measure. People have been pouring Irish Creme into their coffee for hundreds of years. Instead of an outright ban, I would prefer stricter penalties for selling caffeinated alcoholic beverages to anybody underage and I would support banning their sale in stadiums and in bars and clubs. But I would not support banning their manufacture or sale in stores where alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed (i.e. supermarkets).

As far as energy drinks go, I would suggest limiting their sale to and consumption by adults. As long as they are generally safe unless misused or consumed by someone with an allergy to them, they should continue to be available to adults, provided any known risks are fully disclosed. Adults have the right to decide autonomously whether or not the risk is one they want to take. Minors should not be allowed to make that decision for the same reason we typically withhold other privileges (such as alcohol consumption) from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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