Drugs How Poverty Contributes Term Paper

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Because drugs make them feel better, these people may come to depend on them, both physically and emotionally.

Mental illness and drug dependence show the difficulties of distinguishing between poverty's causes and its effects. Mentally ill and drug-dependent people often have trouble holding steady jobs and maintaining relationships, causing them to fall into poverty. They may also have trouble getting out of poverty. Similarly, poverty itself appears to contribute to mental illness and drug dependence.

Studies show that drug addiction in the United States is disproportionately concentrated among the unemployed and undereducated. Alcohol and drug use is strongly related to difficulties in gaining and retaining employment. It is an ongoing cycle, as people who have had long-term alcohol and drug problems tend to have difficulty in entering or re-entering the employment market.

Alcohol and drug use can also be associated with problems in finishing school or acquiring any type of qualifications. The absence of further qualifications can significantly reduce an individual's ability to gain employment, or adequately paid secure employment.

According to Massing (1999): " To maintain that we must end poverty and discrimination in order to combat drug abuse seems a prescription for paralysis. The key is to find a strategy that is humane, affordable and sellable-to find a strategy, in short, that could actually work."

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In conclusion, rather than trying to eliminate poverty -- a doomed mission -- leaders should attempt to deal with the problem in another way. Adequate employment programs for people who have alcohol and drug problems are needed to diminish this link between alcohol and drug use and poverty. In addition, providing support for people experiencing drug and alcohol problems and the educational institutions they attend can help keep people with alcohol and drug problems at school while they are seeking treatment for their alcohol and drug problem. These efforts may reduce the link between poverty and drug abuse.


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