Drugs Society and Human Behavior Term Paper

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Drugs, Society, And Human Behavior

Beating the Addiction: The Journey of Giving Up Red Bull

An Exploration in Caffeine Withdrawal and Substance Abuse

Although Red Bull energy drinks come stocked with a variety of so-called energy-producing substances including Glucose, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Niacin, and Sodium Citrate, the active ingredient is none other than Caffeine. While scientists have debated the positive vs. The negative effects of the drug, most can say without a doubt that caffeine is highly addictive. Quitting caffeine cold turkey is almost as difficult as quitting smoking, perhaps more so. By journaling my experience giving up Red Bull, and therefore caffeine, the mysteries of the caffeine-free journey will be unearthed.

Stages of Change

One of the first signs of change when giving up Red Bull is the so-called "caffeine headache," or the head pain that occurs several hours after regularly ingesting a can of Red Bull. This headache, coupled with an inability to concentrate and a feeling of sleepiness and agitation was followed by a variety of symptoms usually associated with an overuse of caffeine, including agitation and irritation. Unlike the overuse symptoms, however, this second stage of change was coupled not with an intense feeling of alertness, excitement, and desire to move, but with a feeling of depression and fatigue.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Drugs Society and Human Behavior Assignment

The third stage of change I experienced when facing caffeine withdrawal was minutely more severe. Though I did not report the vomiting or flu-like symptoms that John Hopkins University research has determined are associated with caffeine withdrawal, I did feel nauseated and rather sick to my stomach for a few days. As time progressed, this nausea began to subside, but I still suffered from the headaches, although they became milder, and the feeling of fatigue. By the end of the trial period, I felt nothing but fatigue when I would normally have had a Red Bull. I believe this drowsiness results from my use of Red Bull as a stimulant, and believe that replacing it with a more natural stimulant -- eating an apple, taking vitamins -- would increase my alertness when I would have used Red Bull to remain alert.

Symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal

The most abundant symptom that I faced was feelings of drowsiness and fatigue, particularly early in the morning and any other time that I would have had a Red Bull. These feelings of fatigue were often combined with feelings of agitation, restlessness, and irritation, or an overwhelming desire to sleep. Other frequent symptoms included a headache and some nausea. I also faced an inability to concentrate, especially during periods when I would have normally consumed Red Bull. According to Johns Hopkins University, other symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal of caffeine include an inability to perform work tasks sufficiently, anxiety, severe flu-like symptoms, the inability to perform physical skills, and depression. Of these symptoms, I experienced none of very little, although I did experience a slight amount of nausea.

III. Relapse Prevention Strategies

Before giving up Red Bull cold turkey, I researched a variety of ways to control the impulse to drink the beverage again. In line with this research, I first tried to switch to another beverage.

At first, I selected a mildly caffeinated beverage that did not have amounts of caffeine as Red Bull -- regular soda. After this, I attempted switching to naturally decaffeinated beverages like juices and other decaffeinated sweet drinks like root beer. In order to try and beat the moments of fatigue, I attempted to intake a variety of B. vitamins from other sources such as protein bars. Finally, when the craving for Red Bull hit me mentally, I attempted to beat it by trying a beverage similar to Red Bull -- a decaffeinated energy drink. Finally, I attempted to change my behavior in order to stave off the cravings. I began to drink large amounts of water and to attempt more hours of sleep each night.

Incidences of Relapse and How You Tried to Intervene

Incidents of relapse occurred especially when I had a large selection of beverages before me, one of which was Red Bull, such as at a convenience store. I simply did not have enough will power to choose another drink. I attempted to prevent those relapses by keeping plenty of beverages with me so… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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