Dual Career Couples Case Study

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Dual-Career Couples:

The employment of dual-career couples has continued to increase in the recent past to the point that these couples account for approximately 40% of today's workforce, a figure that will continue to increase in the future. This is a major shift from the traditional workforce making it a crucial concern for managers since there are many situations where two spouses have careers that are both important. The issue of dual-career couples has become a significant factor in decisions regarding recruitment, promotion, transfer and job commitment since more women are joining today's workforce. As a result of this increase, the advent of dual-career couples has not only caused problems for the working couples but it has also resulted in various challenges to businesses and organizations alike.

Policy Regarding Employing Dual-career Couples:

When employing dual-career couples, there are several concerns that must be taken into consideration by an organization or business. These concerns include the need for benefit plans that enable the dual-career couples to have children without endangering their careers and the need for flexible work schedules that assist them in balancing career and family demands. The other concerns include help from the employers in finding employment for the spouse in cases of job transfers and an effective child care program while at work. Ignorance of these needs associated with dual-career couples may make an organization to lose output and valuable employees (Ivancevich, 2010, p. 465). Given the increase in dual-career couples, many organizations have started to respond to these needs and challenges in various ways.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Dual Career Couples Assignment

This policy is for the purpose of ensuring that dual-career couples in the organization are provided with an opportunity where they can work effectively without experiencing problems that are associated to these kinds of employees. To effectively deal with the issue of employing dual-career couples, the organization will be committed to hiring such employees based on their qualifications. This qualification-based recruitment strategy is aimed at lessening the prospect of losing competent employees on the basis that they are couples. As a major aspect in the policy, hiring dual-career couples is more beneficial to the organization as compared to dealing with challenges and problems associated with it.

Secondly, the organization will be committed to treat the dual-career couples as individual employees. Consequently, each spouse will be totally responsible for his/her performance at the workplace and will not be held liable for the other spouse's mistakes. None of the spouses in this organization will be permitted to bargain for a promotion or salary increment for the other spouse (Hannigan, 2010).

Finally, the organization will provide benefits to dual-career couples without regard to gender in order to reduce stress on families and employees alike. As the organization offers benefits with no regard to gender to dual-career couples, it will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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