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Imperialism in its simplest form is described in the dictionary as the policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by establishing economic and political hegemony over other nations. And basically, Duiker and Spielvogel support this by providing material that describes a "progressive" society, albeit European society as the emerging society for reformation, the intellectual revolution and the foundational for cultural and social change. Africa, Asia and India are viewed as countries of lesser stimulation and places that would benefit from European globalization.

France, England and the other civilized countries brought the benefits of their advanced civilizations to worlds beyond their perimeters. "There is a smug and simple argument, but one of great appeal in the late 19th century when European technological superiority could be measured. The failure or unwillingness to distinguish wisely between technology and culture allowed the Europeans to be arrogant, and moreover, to assume that in any arrangement of the world that they were at the center."

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Africa and Asia were destined to lay a key role in the new Imperialism. They offered new outlets for trade and ports of call that would not only be strategic outlets for competition but valuable naval bases as well. But as with any expansion, more than trade moved into these countries. The Europeans brought their culture, religion and their politics. 1895 had turned nine tenths of Africa into European colonies. Between 1871 and 1900, Britain added 4.25 million square miles and 66 million people to her Empire.

As global politics emerged, imperialism gave way to nationalism and expressions of national pride became the flag to wave. People took stock in their nation, their immediate world and by design became caught up in what may be termed the "local scene."

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Imperialism brought with it several benefits, the spread of culture and religion. New ideas about society. It opened new gateways to new lands and raw materials. It changed the face of politics. And as people began to understand their nations, they became more connected to their heritage and their homeland.

The world became a smaller place as faraway continents became more connected to the Western World. But as with all good things, there were disadvantages. It is often said that imperialism and the resulting capitalism was one of the causes for World War I. Colonialism lost its luster and became too costly in some cases.

But the far-reaching effects of imperialism were felt across the world and what remains today is the integrated global world that resulted. Regardless of what inspired this movement, it had an incredible impact on the world at large, both then and now.

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