Durable Power of Attorney Executed Research Paper

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Should Jane not act in good faith in overseeing John's estate, then his heirs and predecessors would have a right to question the actions of Jane and have a court of law review her actions.

XI. Revocation of the Durable Power of Attorney

In the State of Alabama, the durable power of attorney may be revoked and must be done so in the following manner:

" A durable power of attorney executed pursuant to this section may be revoked by written revocation signed and dated by the principal or person acting at the direction of the principal, or being obliterated, burnt, torn, or otherwise destroyed or defaced in a manner indicating intention to cancel or by a verbal expression of intent to revoke made in the presence of a witness 19 years of age or older who signs and dates a writing confirming an expression to revoke." (Code of Alabama, 1975)

Finally, should Mr. And Mrs. Standridge file for a divorce or become legally separated, the durable power of attorney would be considered to have been revoked as stated in the Code of Alabama (1975) Section 26-1-2 as follows:

"Any authority granted to the spouse under a durable power of attorney shall be revoked if the marriage of the principal is dissolved or annulled, or if the parties are legally separated or a party to divorce proceedings." (Code of Alabama, 1975)

Summary and Conclusion

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This study has analyzed a Durable Power of Attorney, a form of contract wherein one party designates another party to act on their behalf in relation to their property and ultimately their decisions concerning healthcare. The primary aspects of this type of contract have been reviewed although this cannot be considered an all-inclusive analysis due to the brief form of this study.


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Research Paper on Durable Power of Attorney Executed Assignment

McCurley, Robert L. Jr. (2010) Alabama Power of Attorney Act. Legislative Wrap-up. Retrieved from:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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