Durkheim's Notions of Anomie and Suicide Term Paper

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Durkheim Anomie Suicide

Durkheim's notions of anomie and suicide

Although today we tend to take an individualistic and biological approach to analyzing the causes of suicide, Emile Durkheim saw suicide as having a sociological cause. Specifically, he believed that the breakdown of social institutions in modern, particularly in urban societies, created a sense of estrangement or anomie within people. People are more isolated in modern life, and as a result they have fewer social and personal moral constraints on their behaviors. There has been a loss of external and thus internal forces of control. Rapid social change and raised expectations more than poverty creates deviant behavior, as peoples' expectations for success are raised, then often dashed.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Durkheim's Notions of Anomie and Suicide Assignment

When people feel detached from others, they are more prone to suicide out of loneliness and because they no longer see suicide as immoral. Durkheim called such suicides egoistic, or suicide called by detachment. A similar cause of suicide, anomic suicide, occurs when people commit suicide because they have lost a sense of a moral structure. Simply put, an egotistic suicide might say --… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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