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The Networking component of the infrastructure was to be designed so as to deliver the best networking capabilities that were appropriately installed in the server. The key objectives in the mind of the designers of this component were aimed at interdepartmental linking, real-time protection from virus, an automated back-up system and an internal emailing platform. The internal email was to be delivered using an ISDN line and a high speed LAN modem that would enable a fast and easy sending of drawings, receipts, digital photos and emails to and from the customers and suppliers.

The website was designed to be designed by a company called Catseye Internet Solutions and was to be appropriately launched and Search Engine Optimized in order to increase the popularity of the company on the internet. The popular search engine sites have become very popular and easy to use to an extent that they can complete the sales process by themselves ( Laudon and Traver, 2007,p170).

The website was meant to then pass the customers to the nearest dealers so that they could complete the sales process


In summary, the key challenges for the Combilift were to make necessary investments in the purchase and maintenance of the IT infrastructure that would necessitate growth of their business. The currently ongoing implementation of the e-business has already resulted in significant contribution to the company. All these are aimed at positioning Combilift for continuous growth of their business.


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Term Paper on E-Business Is Also Known as Assignment

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