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Sun Microsystems

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E-Business (Sun Microsystems)

Technology has become king. We must consider just how many people out there today can no longer live without music downloads or online bargain shopping, email or chat. The internet is shaping our future thru e-business ventures, websites like KaZaA and eBay and behind all of this is Sun Microsystems, Inc. The future of information technology will be directed by e-marketing and E-businesses as companies use these techniques to better themselves. Cisco Systems is a partner with Sun in many situations including many B2B and b2c collaborations and they see the future as a combination of e-business solutions such as "...customer communications, branding and relationship-building efforts, loyalty and retention programs, and more - all conducted over the Internet. Much more than creating a Web site, e-business focuses more on communicating online, using a customer-directed dialogue with your company to find new prospects, increasing loyalty and making it easier for your customers to do business with you. In short, we define e-business as all the things your business does online to find, attract, win, and keep customers." (Cisco Systems, 2005)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on E-Business Sun Microsystems Assignment

This report therefore represents an E-Business System Report on Sun Microsystems, Inc. The focus is to provide an introduction into the company and there use of E-Business systems. The report aims to offer insights into the E-business system by identifying various components such as the Internet, intranets, extranets, and electronic commerce as well as inputs, processing, outputs, storage, and control methods currently used. The report will also attempt to provide some background into the use of specific hardware, software, networks, and people needed to make the process work as well as some data and information products the company produces, files and databases accessed and maintained and the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. By efficiency, the report hones in on whether of not the process does the job right and how well the E-business systems are organized.

E-Business (Sun Microsystems)

Yahoo Finance)


Sun Microsystems, Inc. is singularly focused on providing products and services for network computing." (Yahoo Finance) the objective of network computing focused organizations such as Sun Microsystems can be based on the premise that each individual computer's power can be incrementally increased when interconnected through a computer system or network in regard to overall communication and sharing of computing power and information. Through the use of many partnerships, Sun has systematically created a powerful network computing infrastructure complete with many computer systems, network storage systems (hardware and software), support services and professional and educational services. "The Company's network computing infrastructure solutions are used in a wide range of technical/scientific, business and engineering applications in industries, such as telecommunications, government, financial services, manufacturing, education, retail, life sciences, media and entertainment and healthcare." (Yahoo Finance)

Work Sample

Whatever definition is used when referring to e-business solutions, the original principals of business still apply. The goal is usually reducing costs and increasing sales and thus being profitable. There are some obvious differences between business and e-business and the main distinction is that the original business world relied on traditional communication outlets and sources. E-business on the other hand incorporates newer mediums such as the Internet, email and the World Wide Web. Because of these technically advanced sources, e-business is a much less costly process and new and old businesses alike have embraced this new set of business opportunities. Sun Microsystems provides the most efficient and technically advanced solutions available in this area of the business community.

Sun and their E-business efforts offer tangible advantages and alternatives that are very accurate and can be easily measured such as completely new and unique interactive options that were not possible through traditional means. Although Sun works in all aspects of the business community, the realm of education can be sited as an example of being greatly enhanced by Suns' ability to increase use of Internet, intranets, extranets, and electronic commerce as well as inputs, processing, outputs, storage, and control methods. "Sun is delivering on its low-cost computing strategy for Education, providing the best of enterprise value, while ensuring Education and Research institutions have access to worldwide services and support; the reliability, availability and serviceability of sophisticated enterprise-class solutions; and the security and peace of mind of mission-critical technologies." (Sun Microsystems, Inc.) key aspect… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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