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When conducting business as an e-commerce, with your main lines of sales and marketing being over the Internet and through email, there are many unique concerns that must be addressed prior to the business in launched. When the business plans to conduct business both domestically and internationally, these issues become even more complex. For instance, besides issues of how to set up your business, there are issues as to what law governs a transaction, the effectiveness of electronic contracts and the enforcement of warranty disclaimers.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on E-Commerce When Conducting Business as an E-Commerce, Assignment

One of the first steps a start-up e-commerce business must take is to decide what type of business entity they want to be. One choice is the partnership, which is a form of business entity where partners (or the members of the business) share with each other both the business' profits and losses. The benefit of this type of entity is that the partnership structure eliminates the use of the dividend tax, which is a tax on the profits realized by the business owners. Instead, the partners are only taxed once, as individual taxpayers and thus the partnership itself is not taxable. However, in a general partnership, the individual partners are in charge of managing the business and thus can be held personally liable for their (and thus the partnerships) debts.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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