E-Commerce and Globalization Essay

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E-Commerce and Globalization

Over the last two decades, e-commerce has experienced exponential growth as businesses seek to capitalize on the growing popularity of the internet. In this text, I analyze how e-commerce is applied in McDonald's and how the organization can derive competitive advantage from e-commerce. Further, I describe the function of electronic commerce with a special emphasis on McDonald's.

How E-Commerce is applied in McDonald's

In basic terms, e-commerce can be said to be the use of the internet for purposes of conducting business. Over time, McDonald's has come to embrace e-commerce in its mode of conducting business. In the year 2000, the company claimed a share of e-commerce by investing in food.com, an outfit that concerns itself with food delivery and takeout services (online). The deal according to McDonald's allowed the organization to connect its brands and clients in an innovative way (Enos 2000). It can also be noted that with such an alliance, McDonald's has over time been able to enhance home delivery services for its products.

Over the last few years, e-commerce has inspired significant innovations in a number of areas including inventory management and funds transfer (electronic). Reading the trends, McDonald's has been expanding its utilization of electronic payment systems starting with the acceptance of the cash-free keytag system earlier on in the year 2001 according to Mucaluso (2001) and most recently, the partnership with IBM which further enhanced the organization's cashless payment approaches.

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TOPIC: Essay on E-Commerce and Globalization Assignment

Essentially, competitive advantage can largely be taken to be the ability of an organization to stay ahead of the competition and in basic terms, it can be looked at in terms of product differentiation, focus and cost leadership as outlined by Michael Porter. For instance, by utilizing e-commerce strategies, McDonald's can bring down costs significantly in such a way that it attains cost leadership. Cost leadership is all about becoming a low-cost manufacturer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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