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Name a company that has been a success in e-commerce. Why is it a success?

BASF Company is one of the many companies who have been successful on its e-commerce business. As early as 2004, the company has already earned more than 2.65 billion just on its e-commerce sales. Base on records, the said sale has gained an astounding 70% growth as compared the performance of the company during the same period of the year 2003.

The success of e-commerce of BASF Company can be attributed to the strategies that the management has used and has been continuously using. It strategically did not go with the internet hype that bombarded the new millennium.

Instead it opted to fine line the business' e-commerce structures first. All operating divisions of the company streamlined its e-commerce activities. Not only did it focus on highlighting its e-commerce business, the company also focused on reaching the customers and making them aware about BASF's newly established e-commerce.

Customers were given easy online access to BASF's product information. More so, the customers are given access to the safety data sheets of the company and even with the portal where they can obtain technical help regarding the company's products. This made the customers feel that BASF's e-commerce business can go beyond 'simple order processing system' (M2 Presswire, 2004).

Name a company that has been a failure in e-commerce. Why did it fail?

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Boxman Company, on the other hand, is one among the few, who failed in the e-commerce business. It must be noted that Boxman was selling CDs, games and copies of various films over the internet (Telecomworldwire, 2000). The products itself were the very reasons why Boxman's e-commerce business was a big failure.

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CDs, games and films can be easily copied, much less, forwarded or sent to a lot number of people. One buyer is enough for the whole product to be replicated over and over again. This may be called piracy but people are really doing it now. Moreover,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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