E-Commerce Placement, Security, and Fulfillment Essay

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E-Commerce Placement, Security, And Fulfillment

The introduction of e-commerce has helped to redefine how businesses operate, how they are set up, and subsequently how they interact with consumers. The rise of e-commerce has forced manufacturers to reconsider how they operate. Companies must consider placement, security, and fulfillment when implementing new commercial strategies.

Several methods of distribution and placement can be employed to deliver goods and services from manufacturer to consumer. The ability to market products via e-commerce allows for the globalization of a good or service. The placement of brick and mortar stores relies heavily on the economic health of an area, as well as the potential for market growth in a geographical location. Unlike brick and mortar stores, product availability is not an issue when purchasing from an e-business. Because brick and mortar stores can only sell the inventory they have on hand, purchasing goods and services directly from the manufacturer allows the consumer to purchase directly from the inventory they have in stock at the warehouse, or manufacturing plant. Purchasing goods and services through the product website also provides access to goods and services not available in the brick and mortar stores.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on E-Commerce Placement, Security, and Fulfillment the Introduction Assignment

The advent of e-commerce has also raised awareness of web security and many e-business must take extreme care and implement security. Traditionally, network security focused on keeping "intruders" out through the use of firewalls, selective access can be achieved through authorization and authentication processes in web applications. In order to avoid having to code security features into every application, role-based access control infrastructure software can be implemented. The implementation of these role-based access control software allows for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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