E-Mail Upgrade Project Charter Statement of Work Research Paper

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E-Mail Upgrade Project Charter

Statement of Work

It is believed that remaining with the current software provider and upgrading to the latest version of their product is the most cost-effective and efficient course of action for Ohio state and its communications needs. Through careful research, analysis, and the creation and presentation of reports and other materials, the team responsible for securing an email system that will serve as an upgrade to the system currently in use will negotiate the best possible price for Globalupgrades Version 9.0 with its manufacturer, Worldviewupgrades. Relevant industry data, competing offers, and analyses of Ohio's needs in regards to an updated email system will all be included in the materials created and presented during the negotiation process. Advance trial versions of the software will be presented to the ODHS user group and their recommendations and concerns ill also be brought to the negotiating table.

Project Management Methodology

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The Project Management Lifecycle model will be utilized for this project, taking the project through its initiation to more complete planning and eventual execution, with a review process consisting of the final step in the cycle and providing closure before the next upgrade project is initiated (MPMM 2011). This will ensure that the negotiations for the email upgrade system are carried out in a well-thought-out manner, with careful attention to detail and all appropriate information gathered beforehand (MPMM 2011). The review process will also help to ensure that the email system is being properly implemented after it is selected.

Project Team

Research Paper on E-Mail Upgrade Project Charter Statement of Work Assignment

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