Eaglin Society That Is Free Term Paper

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With bath houses everywhere and the legalization of prostitution our society has moved into an arena in which sexual needs are considered no different than the need to eat, breath or have water. Because the old world oppressed so many people sexually there was a lot of tension that we do not experience today. That sexual oppression lent itself to the judgment of same sex unions as well. Hard as it is to believe we lived in a world where men and to love only women and women had to love only men, otherwise they were harshly judged for their choices. Today, we know that being attracted to people like us or different from us has to do with the genetic and DNA makeup of our beings. It is not a choice as was apparently believed back then. Today we love who we love and we give freely of ourselves regardless of the gender of our partner. Had our society not evolved to this point we would have missed out on so many things including the writings of Ted and Roger the famous self-help couple for the art of making love. The study delved into why the old world placed such restrictions on the norms that we now take for granted and came up with one answer. Insecurity. Because mankind delved into the psyche and worked for many generations so make people healthy emotionally we now enjoy a society in which we are free to love, and we are free to give our love to whom we want…
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