Earth Hour Essay

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The construction has been completed with naturally insulating construction, materials and the building makes use of natural lighting where possible.

Environmentally friendly landscaping

-- the hotel uses a landscape utilization plan that makes us of native plants that are tolerant of the prevailing climate and thrive without irrigation. If we removed trees or large quantities of shrubs to accommodate the new buildings, we have replanted the same species in similar quantities in the project. These organic methods that were maintained during all of the landscaping and land utilization planning.

Local Resources

We reach out to the immediate community for when those resources. When those needed resources are not in sufficient quantity or non-existent, work with local suppliers and develop the product on the local level. We feel that this creates a diverse and sustainable local economy to make it stronger and give it more vitality.

Sustainable Energy

The hotel works to conserve energy and to use renewable energy. We do this daily by utilizes highly efficient equipment as much as possible. We engage in the production of energy by the use of alternative sources, solar or wind power. While we can not completely disengage from the use of nonrenewable energy, but we are trying to do more to realize this goal every day.

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Low impact product utilization

We have also use as much as possible low impact and biodegradable products wherever it is possible in both laundry cleaning and maintenance operations. By encouraging patron reduction in linen use and careful planning of maintenance operations, we save both money and materials.

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Your patronage is a part of this picture. We appreciate you choosing our hotel for your trip or vacation. We want you to be proud of the place that you are staying at and to be able to pass this information on to your friends and family to become part of our sustainable community. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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