East Africa's Great Rift Valley Article Review

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These illustrations add to the article's overall clarity and cohesiveness.

The principle weakness with this article is that the authors wait too long to inform the reader of the pragmatic value of rifts and their creations. Although they are clearly enthusiastic about their topic, the reader does not quite understand why -- until he or she gets to the conclusion and the paragraph before it and the authors explain the anthropological significance of this phenomena. Prior to that, however, the article merely reads like a pair of zealots are simply acting like doctrinaires and spouting off a collection of little known facts for mere pedantic value. Additionally, there are some terms that the authors use and which they do not define, which makes it difficult for laymen readers to readily understand them For instance, when the authors refer to bulges they never clarify this term which, if one were to attempt to define it in the dictionary, would provide a definition that is not applicable to the author's usage of the word. Still, the erroneous assumptions that the authors make is that the recitation of mere facts regarding rifts is a point of interest to the reader without any practical association of this phenomena with contemporary or even historical relevance.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Review on East Africa's Great Rift Valley: Assignment

In conclusion, this is a fairly credible article in which the authors take great pains to clarify their main points and to provide a good deal of background information about rifts and their effects on the world. It could have been improved by restructuring some of its points, however. The authors should have began the article by explaining the role that rifts have played in the nature of mankind's history, which could have helped to engage…
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East Africa's Great Rift Valley Article Review

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