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East coast west coast Hip Hop and Rap Rivalry of the 90's in the U.S.

The East coast hip-hop music is a regional exemplification of a subgenre hip-hop music that originated in the New York. The origin of this music is considered to be in the 1970s. The initial origin of hip-hop is thought to be at the East Coast. The style of playing the music emerged in the east coast as a subgenre after several artists from different regions of the country evolved new approaches and genres of hip-hop in the country. The musicians who came from the East Coast relay different styles. In most cases, hip-hop happened to be the new genre of music. This attracted many artists from the East Cost and many other regions of the United States of America.

The style of music from the East Coast was contrasting to the original rhythm and patter of playing hip-hop music. The rhythm that was utilized originated from the old school hip-hop. The East Coast music has its sentiments clued to the fact that it emphasized the use of lyrical dexterity. Moreover, it involved several syllabic rhythms, a continuous flow of delivery, intrigued metaphors, and complex wordplay. Nonetheless, hip-hop music from this region did not have uniformity of sound and standard style. It appeared to sample a number of college collections from different rappers within the region and outside the region. The beats were hard beating. Many artists participated in rap music from this section of the country.

The emergence of hip-hop music in the East Coast began in 1970s to 1980s. This section earned the name of the New York rap. Throughout the 1980s, rap music emerged as one of the strong voices and movements from the East Coast. For instance, rappers from this section of the country opted to participate in hip-hop that involved how living was characterized in this region. In most cases, the lyrics and message sin the musical genres contained connotations of enmity, peace, love, and gangster life. The musicians associated in afro centric music like the Bambaataa from Africa. The music touched the lives of many people who were living in this section. Further music emerged as a way of living since it gave a living to many rappers who developed in the industry. Many of the musicians began to collaborate and participate in feuds that enabled them to earn a living (Hess 43-66).

Nas album called Illmatic originated from the East Coast. Other musicians who produced music from the East Coast include Large Professor, Peter Rock, and DJ Premier. Many production houses produced numerous categories of hip-hop music from the region. As of 1990, hip-hop music had taken equitable stability in the region. In fact, it was ready to participate in competition with hip-hop music from the other sections of the town (Price 53).

Notorious B.I.G is another legend who produced music that originated from the East Coast. He was the central figure in the East Coast during the 1990s. During this time, hip-hop music was dominating most of the country from the West Coast. Nonetheless, BIG was able to dominate the East Coast and even influence music from the West Coast. He started his music from the East Coast and then took it to the West Coast through varied collaborations with different musicians. The early hip-hop musicians like Dr. Dre helped to initiate a program and platform that enabled many musicians from the East Coast to be successful in the international realms. For instance, the rise of musicians like Jay- Z rests its support from the early musicians who made way during the early 1970s and 1980s. The success of hip-hop music was directed at individual artists who engaged in varying genres from the East Coast as it had been done in the West Coast (Hess 65).

West Coast hip-hop Music

The West Coast music anticipates exploring new subgenres of hip-hop music as done in the East Coast. Music from the West Coast anticipated practicing original music like that which had been produced in New York City. The music originated from the westernmost region of the city. One of the magnificent musical genres from this region includes Gangsta rap subgenre that began and dominated from a radio play during the early 1990s.

It is believed that the five cultures of hip-hop music existed in the East Coast and West Coast. These five cultures of hip-hop music include B-Boying, MCing, graffiti, DJing, and Beat boxing. Arguments over the name of hip-hop music state that the East Coast participated in naming the music genre. Nonetheless, the music was experienced first from the West Coast apart from those that arose from the New York City. The monitoring of the culture is said to have started in the East Coast and ended in the West Coast before the music was developed in the West Coast.

The West Coast hip-hop music started in 1978 when the Uncle Jamm's Army was founded. The music genre received myriad influences from the East Coast music, Prince, and many other hip-hop music genres in the country. The origin of hip-hop music took root in the West Coast when musicians from the region and others from the other regions collaborated. For instance, one of the hip-hop musicians who engaged in the West Coast music was Tupac. During this time, several groups emerged from the West Coast comprising those from the East Coast. Some of groups, like that of the Rappers Rapp Group, engaged in collaborated and more scene music in the region. By 1991, music had been established in scenes from where new musicians developed and increased the tentativeness of performance.

The Notorious B.I.G

Christopher George Latore Wallace was an American hip-hop rapper. He grew up in New York and made his musical debut in 1994. He was a key man in East Coast hip-hop music during his time. He increased dominance of the East Coast hip-hop when the West Coast was dominating the entire New York. He is one of the principal figures who escalated the feud that existed between the East Coast and the West Coast in the 90s. Unknown assailant killed Christopher George Latore Wallace while on his drive to Los Angeles. His production rose to a higher level even when he had been killed, like the album on "life after death" that was released sixteen days after his death. The major characteristics with while on his drive to Los Angeles were that of storytelling, dark-semi autobiographies lyrics, and loose-easy-flowing music.


Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is raps and acts in the U.S. He was born in September 1973 from a family of a musician called Olu Dara. Since 1994, he has released several musical albums sold profitably. Apart from being a rapper, he is a professional actor. Nas began his musical career in 1991. He featured in one of the musical genres called Main Source track. He made a debut album called lllmatic that was released in 1994. After releasing this album, he came under immense criticism from other rappers and the rapping community together with the hip-hop community. Nonetheless, his album was among the best albums of the time. He featured other several albums that made him the greatest hip-hop musician in the U.S. He belonged to the rapping and hip-hop community.

In 1996 to 2005, he got involved in a publicized feud. He formed it with other rappers like Jay-Z. In 2006, Nasir engaged in Den Jam where he managed to number of releases like that involving Damian Marley, a reggae musician. In 2009, he made his final collaboration after a period of long procedures and releases that made him be named the top hip-hop musicians in the MTV show. Amidst several controversies, including failure, to pay taxes, Nasir survives the ordeal and produces hip-hop in and outside the U.S.

Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, known as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and songwriter and singer. He is known to have sold over thirty million albums globally. He began his career in 1992 when he came under the limelight by Dr. Dre. He had made several collaborations. Calvin Cordozar Broadus is still alive and practicing his music in the United States of America. Calvin Cordozar Broadus had little significance to the development of the grudge between the West and East Coasts.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was an American hip-hop musician and song producer. He came from the East Coast and made several productions in and out of the West Coast. Tupac Shakur had immense significance to the development and escalation of the feud that developed between the two coasts. His rivals and producers killed him amidst the escalation of the East/West coast feud.

East coast west coast Hip Hop and Rap Rivalry

Hip-hop music rivalries have been in existence since the establishment of the music in the United States of America. Many people or rappers who involved in the music engaged in varied competitions in order to make… [END OF PREVIEW]

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