Essay: Easy Explanation of Analysis of Variance

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¶ … goals of statistics is to create an easy way to compare two or more factors in a meaningful way. Basic comparison tests, such as the t-test, allow for the comparison of two groups. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) allows for the comparison of three or more different groups. While the concept of ANOVA may seem complex, it is simply a way of describing how the various items that belong within a single large group vary from one another. This can be very important because there are two main types of variance in a group. One type of variance is the type of variance that can be found naturally within a group; this type of variance is frequently referred to as random variance and may also be described as in-group variance. The other type of variance is the type of variance that is caused by the impact of independent variables on the dependent variable and may also be described as between-group variance. Without understanding the underlying variance in a group, one could overestimate or underestimate the impact that an independent variable was having on the dependent variable. An ANOVA test does not provide conclusive data; instead, it provides analysts with a key to understanding other test results, so that they can understand the significance of those results (Investopedia, 2015).

An ANOVA test can help explain whether there are any significant differences between the average results for three or more different groups. In an experimental context, each of the three groups will be as similar as possible at the beginning and the in-group variance can help explain how much variation is simply the result of random chance. Then, once the independent variable is applied to the group, the changes are examined to determine what type of impact the independent variable has on the dependent variables. The goal of the ANOVA is to test the null hypothesis, which is a hypothesis developed for the purpose of research, which states that the independent variable will have no impact on the dependent variable.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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