Eating Behaviors, Weight Loss Methods, and Nutrition Essay

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¶ … Eating Behaviors, Weight Loss Methods, and Nutrition Practices Among High School Wrestlers

The article begins by explaining that wrestling is a sport that requires some necessary components, which include endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and motor conditioning. In conjunction with this a wrestler also has to maintain a specific weight classification, which may pose to be a difficult thing to do. Extreme weight loss has negative effects on the body. Various methods have been researched regarding how wrestlers cut weight; often a combination of the methods of food restriction, deprivation of liquids, and thermal dehydration. The reading describes a study in which over 80% of 528 high school wrestlers reduced food intake to reduce their weight. 32% of the wrestlers explained that food intake restriction is used rather often as a means of weight lose. The second study discussed in the article explains that wrestlers in the upper weight class used fluid restriction and dehydration for weight loss in contrast to the wrestlers in the lower weight classes whom incorporated food intake restrictions in conjunction with the methods used by the upper weight class. Additional methods that were mentioned that too are used include vomiting, laxatives, and diuretics in an attempt to control weight.

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Another aspect of these extremes to control weight discussed in the article, include the negative impacts that these forms of weight loss have on the body. Researchers indicate that such methods can cause a negative impact on body composition. These methods of weight loss can cause renal failure, electrolyte imbalances, and issues with thermal regulation, nutrient intake and eating behavior issues, testosterone levels, muscular strength, and fluctuations in metabolic rate. Researchers have also realized that wrestlers tend to know less about nutrition than participants in other sports; college wrestlers lacked a solid understanding of basic nutrition. The reading also states that there is not a lot of research regarding the nutritional and eating habits of athletes.

Essay on Eating Behaviors, Weight Loss Methods, and Nutrition Assignment

One study in the reading discussed a study done on 17 prep school wrestlers, looking at the pre-event meal analysis. The study found that the mean calorie intake before a game was around 1,517 kcal. The study went further to explain that the majority of the calories consumed were through sources of junk food i.e. soda, chocolate and candy. The study concluded by making an association between binge eating and episodes of high caloric intake. Statistically the article indicates that on average 12% of high school wrestlers have reported that they have often had episodes of binge eating. The results found from the above mentioned research is stated to affirm that wrestlers have more of a tendency to have eating disorders because of the lack of knowledge associated with good nutrition and poor eating habits. However it is also mentioned that there are no studies that evaluate this association.

Research in the reading further state that on average 4 to 8% of bulimia cases are seen in high school subjects; one of the characteristics associated with those susceptible to bulimia is binge eating. In contrast to most perceptions binge eating has also been seen in cases of individuals maintaining a normal body weight, under weight and obese. Binge eating though prominently in females has been observed in men. A researcher mentioned that frequent binges that are associated with negative emotions can be associated with more severe eating issues.

The research in the article was conducted to study the frequency of binge eating, bulimia, nutrition, and weight loss methods in high school wrestlers. The three areas where information was compiled included: binge eating behaviors and the prevalence of bulimia, common nutritional beliefs and the use of dietary supplements, and weight fluctuations, weight loss methods, and sources of weight loss information. The methods used to conduct the study included a form letter discussing what the study entailed and asked the prospective participants whether or not they would like to participate if they intended on attending wrestling… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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