Eating for A's: A Delicious 12-Week Nutrition Book Report

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Eating for a's: A Delicious 12-Week Nutrition Plan to Improve Your Child's Academic and Athletic Performance

Alexander Schauss, Arnold Meyer, Barbara Friedlander Meyer

Year Published: 1991

Publisher: Pocket Books

Thesis Statement and Literary Introduction

This book report reviews the work of noted author and doctor, Dr. Alexander Schauss, et al., in his work "Eating for a's: A Delicious 12-Week Nutrition Plan to Improve Your Child's Academic and Athletic Performance." This book was originally published in 1991, in collaboration with Barbara Friedlander Meyer and Arnold Meyer. In this report, an overview of the book's general concept will be given, followed by a background of "why" the book was written. Additionally, the particulars of the program will be highlighted, touching upon the week by week guidelines of the dietary changes that the program requires. Salient concepts are then discussed, drawn from the major ideas that the author incorporates into the book, including scrutiny of the conversational tone the authors take with the intended reader, a note on children's intake of sugar, and the relationship between the diet, the brain, concentration, and improvements in academics and athletics. Finally, this report will offer a conclusion as well as a comment on the efficacy of these types of approaches espoused by nutrition books such as "Eating for a's."

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Book Report on Eating for A's: A Delicious 12-Week Nutrition Assignment

At a glance, the concept of the book "Eating for a's" is founded on the idea that a diet that is both complete and rich in nutrients will improve a child's academic and athletic performance. The basis for this hypothesis that the author(s) used for the book lays in the outcome of the largest nutrition study ever conducted, involving 800,000 students of all grade levels and demographic profiles, in 803 schools. The study was… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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