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EBNHC Marketing Plan

Overview of the Organization

The Eastern Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) is a healthcare organization dedicated to provide the primary care to all people regardless of sex, language, age, place of origin or social circumstances. Eastern Boston Neighborhood Health Center was established in 1970 to address the critical need for the healthcare in the community. Since its formation, EBNHC has been a vital part of the community and the organization provides the high quality and easily accessible healthcare delivery for the community. Through the quality healthcare that the organization provides, Boston Neighborhood has become one of the largest healthcare deliver in the state. Over the past two decades, Boston Neighborhood receives over 300,000 patients yearly, and the organization delivers approximately 1,000 babies annually. The Pediatrics Department of the organization cares for nearly all children in the East Boston. As a leader in the healthcare delivery, Boston Neighborhood has established a strong relationship with neighbors because the organization believes in providing the effective primary care. Boston Neighborhood Health Center also has array of specialty and primary services to better serve diverse patient population. The organization has also set up a diverse innovative program to address the problem of childhood obesity, HIV / AIDS, children with multiple disabilities and chronic diseases.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Mission Statement

Eastern Boston Neighborhood Center is dedicated in providing the affordable and easily accessible high quality healthcare for the community or working population in Boston and its surrounding areas. The organization also aims to coordinate, personalize and provide affordable and appropriate healthcare to people without regard of race, age, cultural background, language, insurance status, or income.

Marketing Objective

TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Ebnhc Marketing Plan Assignment

To provide marketing plan for the Eastern Boston Neighborhood Health Center located in East Boston. The focus of the marketing objective is to enhance the growth of new sales as well as enhancing market leadership in term of share gain.

Marketing goals for the Year

The marketing goal is to boost the sales of the organization by more than 30% in the first year. Moreover, the marketing goal is to reach more than 80% of the target population in the first year and achieve more than 35% of the market shares from the target population. By boosting the market shares in the first year, Eastern Boston aims to increase its revenue by more than 40% within the first year of marketing campaign.

Situation Analysis

Despite the diverse health services that the Eastern Boston Neighborhood Health Center provides for the community, the organization has not yet fully explored its market potentials. The organization has not yet exploited the market opportunities provided by the Hispanics in Boston and its surroundings. Hispanics has the highest population among the ethnic minority in the United States. Within Hispanics population, there are many Hispanic women suffering from the post-partum depression, and up to 20% of Hispanics mothers suffer from the syndrome. Thus, the marketing plan will focus on Hispanic women suffering from post partum depression. There would also be a support group and bilingual behavioral health specialists who would run the group. The group will focus on the Spanish-speaking women with babies aged up to one year. Additionally, Eastern Boston Health Center will provide service to predominant Spanish women with no document, and the group will aim to provide support and friendship to this group of women.

Market Overview

Hispanics are the most populous ethnic group in the United States. Based on the statistics, over 30% of Hispanic women suffer from the post-partum depression during pregnancy and after childbirth. Typically, the statistics of untreated women suffering from post-partum depression continues to increase, and the symptom has been a number one complicated symptom during pregnancy. In 2005, number of Hispanic women suffering from post-partum depression is higher than non-Hispanic women because approximately 37% of Hispanic women suffer from the symptom. (Fox News, 2012). However, recent study also reveals that 32.4% of Hispanic women in the United States suffer from post-partum depression. (Market Watch 2012).

According to data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau (2012), the population of Boston in Massachusetts is 617, 594 and Hispanics account for the 17.5% of the total population. Based on the data provided, Hispanics are about 108,078 of the total population in Boston. Meanwhile, about 52.1% of Hispanic population are female making population of Hispanic female to be 56, 038. Moreover, the population of Hispanics female over 18 years in Boston are 46,623. Typically, data released reveal that ratio 1 to 5 of women in Boston suffers from post-partum depression. Based on these data, it is estimated that 9,324 Hispanic women suffers from the symptom. The marketing plan will focus on the Hispanic women suffering from the symptom in Boston. Apart from the Hispanic women population in Boston, the marketing plan will also focus on Hispanics living in the other neighbourhood in the Massachusetts since it is estimated that the population of Massachusetts is more than 6.5 million and Hispanics account for the 9.6% of the population.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a powerful tool to evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunities and the threat facing an organization. Using SWOT Analysis, the marketing plan will be able to identify the potential benefits an organization stands to enjoy and the potential threat that an organization will face by introducing a new product into the market.


The strength of Eastern Boston Health Center is the integrated healthcare and diversified health service that the organization is offering to the community. Additionally, Eastern Boston Health Center could boast of range of specialist healthcare providers who deliver the primary healthcare for the patients. The Boston Neighborhood also provides range of healthcare service such as family medicine, women's health, and special healthcare needs. Moreover, the organization could boast of the skilled and experience physicians and nursing practitioners who are dedicated to provide excellent healthcare delivery. Additionally, the organization specializes in the health service for women with complicated health needs. Typically, the organization provides health needs for women of all ages ranging from teens to senior. Part of the strength of the Eastern Boston Health is the possession of sophisticated modern health equipment that the organization utilizes to deliver health needs for patients. To facilitate the healthcare delivery for all ethnic groups, the organization is armed with specialist's translators who support healthcare professionals in the delivery of their duties. With excellent service that the organization provides, Eastern Boston Health Center records high number of patients yearly.


The major weakness that may face Eastern Boston Health Center is the legal proceeding that it may face in case an aggrieved patient is not satisfied with the medical treatment received from the organization. Moreover, the marketing plan will only focus on the women minority senior in Boston and its surroundings, which may be less than 8% of the total population of Boston, and its surroundings.


The opportunity that the Eastern Boston Health Center stands to enjoy is that Hispanics are the most populous minority ethnic group in the United States. Based on the population of Hispanics in Boston, the organization will enjoy high increase in market shares. In Boston, an average Hispanic woman is estimated to have average of four children, which is above the national average. The organization will also enjoy high market shares with the total number of Hispanic women in Boston and its surroundings. More importantly, the United States hospitals are ranked as the best hospitals in the world, and with high population of Hispanic women in Mexico, Eastern Boston Health Center will enjoy market advantages from rich Hispanic women in Mexico seeking the medical treatment for post-partum depression in the United States. Moreover, many people in the United States are increasingly conscious of their health. People now spend substantial amount of their income on health related category. The issue will serve as an opportunity to achieve high market shares.


Competitions from other healthcare providers in Boston will serve as threats to Eastern Boston Health Center. Typically, there is an intense competition among the healthcare providers in the United States. The major factor leading to the high competitions among the healthcare providers is that the service provided is relatively standardized and it is very easy for customers to switch from one healthcare provider to the other healthcare providers. (Jones & Bartlett 2010). Thus, the intense competitions from other healthcare providers are the major threat facing the organization. There are approximately 77 healthcare providers in Boston and the direct competitors of Eastern Boston Health Center are as follows:

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston Medical Center

Lahey Clinic

Tufts Medical Center. (U.S. Health News 2012).

A government regulation is another threat that may face organizations in the delivery of their services. Typically, there are government regulations that may tailor an organization on the type services to deliver. Thus, the organization is obliged to act within the framework of the government regulations.

Marketing Strategies

The target markets are Spanish speaking women and Hispanic women with babies of up to one-year-old. The target population will also… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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