Ebola Virus Description, Symptoms Essay

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Symptoms and conditions

The duration of the incubation period for Ebola virus varies between 2 to up till 21 days depending on the severity of the virus. The symptoms of the virus include severe headache and joint pains, high fever, sore throat, weakness and muscular pains. These are then followed by a decline in health with vomiting, diarrhea and stomach aches. There can also be found red eyes, external as well as internal bleeding, constant hiccups and other such symptoms.

There however lies a mystery as to how some patients fight back and recover from Ebola HF while the condition for others deteriorate to an extent that they are unable to survive and eventually die (Geisbert et al.,1992).

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis for the Ebola HF at its early stages is quite difficult because the initial symptoms like red eyes and sore throat are not something that an individual would pay much attention to. These are the kinds of diseases that would normally go without any attention. However, if these symptoms persist and prolong then they are usually taken under consideration and associated with the Ebola virus. After detection of the Ebola virus, the individual is usually isolated from the rest of the people and is kept under observation after passing a notification to the national and state health departments.

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A test is usually conducted which is linked to the enzymes and is captured by the antigen. The reaction of this polymerase (PCR) and the isolation from the virus may prove to be helpful in the process of diagnosis within few days of the detection (Murphy et al., 1990). The people who are detected with the disease at later stages of the virus can be tested for the presence of any IGM or IGG bodies. It is also possible to detect the disease in a deceased person by making use of the virus isolation or PCR testing.

Essay on Ebola Virus Description, Symptoms, Diagnosis Assignment

There is no form of standard laid out treatment which has been suggested for the treatment of Ebola HF but the patients are usually given a supportive therapy whereby a balanced diet is maintained for the patient. A constant check on fluids and electrolytes is kept, with a flow of the oxygen and checkups for blood pressure so as to keep the individual away from any kind of serious infections. The statistics of Ebola virus contribute to about 21 to 90% in Africa but since the development of new vaccines, this number has rapidly declined.


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