Ecological Conscience Essay

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The doctrines by Aldo were quite precise and coherent though applying his ideas literally what challenges many people. We have to know what is ethically and esthetically right for the environment since it is how we develop the sense of ecological conscience (Sage, 2005).

When we ask ourselves what is required for one to become ecologically conscious and environmentally literate and the answers that come to mind are; first to wonder and awe of the living earth, second being dreadful beating that we inflict on earth and on each other and third our individual collective capacity to reverse the existing trends and create a world that is life sustaining. This implies that ecological conscious ness is important since it sustains us in the web of life

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Secondly ecological consciousness is important since the earth is our home. We have to take good care of our home and this can only be realized through ecological consciousness. If we are not conscious then it means that we Weill not take care of the earth and at the end of the day we will have no place to call home if the earth is destroyed by our carelessness. The earth is indeed our home and home of many plants and animals. We are quite aware of this but we do not appreciate that the Earth is alive in its own right. We have to be conscious of the earth's metabolism as the plants take in sunlight which at the end of the day nourishes all life since animals take in plant material for the nourishment of their bodies. We therefore feel ourselves as being part of this self-sustaining process, conscious of the numerous cycles of which we are part of. We therefore have to awaken to this interconnected, unfragmented nature of the life of earth so that we never feel as though we are separate but one with this dynamic and ongoing life symphony.

Essay on Ecological Conscience Assignment

Third we have to be ecologically conscious since the earth is an intertwined web of life. There are numerous cycles that take place on earth each of which depends on the other for its sustenance and survival. This means that we have to take care of the earth so that we can not break all these cycles that make up this web of life. Also the earth is a web of relationships which are formed by animals and plants and even human beings. These relationships are important as they enable each of the members of the earth survive .according to Ralf Waldo we have an attachment with nature as it has been attached to is not able to rise without the other and does not fall without each does not rise it is thus important to make sure that we take care of the ecosystems so that these relationships are not destabilized. According to Also preserving the things that we were born to see is the right thing to do since through doing is we are preserving the future of generations to come.

Conscience only takes effect when one gives importance to the things that matter and the thing that matters most is source of our living; the mother of life what is known as nature. The words of nature writers like Also affirm the importance of nature and our roles as our very essence there lies an appreciation for nature.


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