My Ecological Footprint Essay

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Reducing My Ecological Footprint

Analysis of my Ecological Footprint Quiz Results

According to the results of my ecological footprint results, my overall ecological footprint measures 217.9, which is approximately 88% of the national average of 246.5. More specifically, my carbon footprint is approximately 57% of the national average, and my food, housing, and goods-and-services consumption are approximately 14% higher, 15% lower, and 6% higher than the national average, respectively.

The fact that I do not rely on private automobile transportation or make extensive use of gasoline-powered public transportation is probably the principal reason that my carbon footprint is so much lower than the national average. In principle, "carbon footprint" is the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels (Crittenden & White, 2010). My housing footprint is lower than the national average because people who live with other family members or roommates consume fewer resources and produce less garbage and other inorganic environmental waste material per person than people who live alone (Crittenden & White, 2010).

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Unfortunately the fact that I rely substantially on pre-packaged food and fast food probably accounts for the fact that my food footprint is somewhat higher than the national average. Likewise, because I am often pressed for time, I do rely on convenience items such as bottled water and other goods and services that add to the national ecological footprint more than necessary. The byproducts of producing, transporting, and managing the waste disposal of the bottles and other packaging used in that regard on a large scale contribute tremendously to the societal ecological footprint (Matthews, Hendrickson, & Weber, 2008).

Essay on My Ecological Footprint Assignment

Considering Possible Changes to Reduce my Carbon Footprint

Naturally, the main focus of my future efforts to reduce my ecological footprint would be on reducing my food footprint and that portion of my footprint attributable to unnecessary consumption of goods and services. To address my food footprint, I could start by simply making the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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