Ecology of Commerce Research Paper

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Ecology of Commerce

What is Sustainable Manufacturing?

Sustainable manufacturing is loosely defined as a business practice that takes into account the natural environment as part of its processes with an objective to have a minimal impact on the environment while undertaking its economic goals. It also encompasses the technologies that companies develop to transform the raw materials into finished products without using non-renewable sources of energy and emitting little waste and pollution back into the environment. It includes all aspects of manufacturing starting from extraction to components to the efficiency of assembly lines to the disposal of unwanted materials and waste. Many companies today are increasingly aware of the negative impact on the environment and they want to do everything possible to reduce the carbon footprint of their business on the environment.

The federal Government estimates that industries account for about one-third of energy consumed in the U.S. And so, the initiatives taken by the companies can play a vital role in the future sustainability of our planet. To achieve this, the companies have adopted a wide set of practices that are suitable to their business practices and products. The design engineers are coming up with newer products everyday that make minimal use of the resources, reduce waste and prevent pollution or contamination in any form and the best part, they are using minimum resources to come up with these sustainable products.

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Ways to achieve sustainable manufacturing

There are numerous ways to integrate the environment into every business and it depends to a large extent on the nature of the business, the practices and methods followed during the production process and the existing level of impact on the environment. However, there are certain broad ways that each company can look to implement sustainable manufacturing. They are:

Reduce the use of fossil fuels

TOPIC: Research Paper on Ecology of Commerce Assignment

Fossil fuels are non-renewable and their extraction is costly for the environment. In today's energy-deficient world, the first step that all companies can do is to reduce their impact on oil. This results in a win-win situation for everyone involved because it saves energy for the future and also, the companies can build manufacturing processes that work on alternate renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind power.

Avoid waste in any form

Another means to sustainable manufacturing is to reduce or eliminate waste in the process as well as the final end product. This is applicable to every industry today as unwanted materials have no place in our environment. Its best to avoid them in the first place than to think of ways to dispose them off safely because the hard reality is that there is no "safe" way to dispose waste. One way to reduce waste is to look at different precision manufacturing equipment that can lead to waste reduction (Hibbard, 2009).

Eliminate pollution

A hot topic today is pollution and the different means to avoid them at any cost. Though there is abundant research on pollution and how it should be avoided, its important that all this information is implemented in the manufacturing processes so that the pollution levels on all forms of natural resources is limited or at best, eliminated. Many manufacturing units are exploring the option of using dry machines for metal removal because they use minimal coolant for its operations. There are other ways to reduce pollution and its important that every company takes the necessary steps in this direction.

Recycle and reuse

These are the magical words of sustainable marketing and thereby, a healthy planet. Recycling waste and reusing the same products in different phases of manufacturing is a tough, but yet essential choice that companies should make. A good example is the amount of metal chips that are produced as a by-product or waste of manufacturing. Earlier, these chips were hauled and transported to different metal recycling centers to dispose them off. The cost and effort that comes with this form of disposal is high and so, many companies are exploring the option of using machinery to compress these metal chips and convert them into useful products such as hockey pucks or small billets (Hibbard, 2009).

Prevent energy waste

Energy can be recovered and reused for other processes. A good example is the hybrid cars that recover the energy and reuse them instead of converting it into heat that is used for braking. Similarly, machines can also… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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