Ecology and Ecosystem Essay

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ECOLOGY and ECOSYSTEM -- Virginia Beach

The Hampton Roads area in the state of Virginia is particularly important because of the role it played from the colonization time and until the present day. The location is known to have a series of factors making it rather unique, such as the fact that the natural harbor it holds is ice-free all across the year. The harbor is very important in the larger context involving the country's security and economy. When concerning the ecosystem present in the coastal areas of Virginia, one can observe how it is particularly rich and assorted. There are apparently many endangered species in the territory, with the authorities in Virginia giving their best in order to protect the area.

The Hampton Roads ecosystem provides the world with one of the most important entertaining and profitable fishing-related activities. Standing between waters and coastal lands are beaches, wetlands, and marshes, all of them being responsible for protecting human-inhabited territories from the threat of various weather phenomena. Even with that, most of these natural barriers are endangered and it is essential for authorities to control the situation (Almond).

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The harbor is one of the most important areas in Virginia, mainly because of the revenues it generates. This Hampton Roads region stands as an attraction for tourism and for people who want to move to area holding an assorted environment. The natural harbor, the Chesapeake Bay area, and the three important rivers in the territory cooperate in creating a very diverse natural ecology. The Atlantic Ocean's tidewaters have virtually shaped Hampton Beach's economy and have provided people with a great deal of job-opportunities (Koebel).

Essay on Ecology and Ecosystem Assignment

The Virginia Beach area experienced a rapid growth in population during the last three decades, as people have flowed into the territory attracted by its diversity and generally because they believed this was a good place to live in. Matters have changed in the recent years however, as individuals have expressed lesser interest in wanting to move to Virginia Beach and numerous people have actually moved out of the area. This is most probably because prices have gone up significantly and people can no longer afford to live in Virginia Beach. One could explain this increase in price through analyzing the people that lived in Hampton Beach when its activities were mainly related to defense strategies and shipping (Koebel).

At that time, most individuals in the territory were working for the army or for the port. However, as conditions have changed and a simple worker is unable to afford buying or holding… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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