Economic Advisor to a Less Developed Nation in Africa Essay

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Economic Advisor to a Less-Developed Naton in Africa

Economic Advisor to a Less-Developed Nation in Africa

For many years, experts in fiscal decentralization and local public finances have held the firm opinion that tax is close to an ideal tax for local government finance. The experts have presented compelling reasons why they hold this conviction. This study provides some recommendations to property taxes in Least Developing Country (LDC) on how they can achieve their objectives.

Property Tax

Role that I would assign to property taxes in this nation to achieve its objectives

LDC's should assign revenue sources, particularly taxes to each level of government. This will enable the country to align expenditure assignments with sufficient revenue thus raising capacity at every level of the government to finance the assigned responsibilities. LDC can raise adequate revenues through a wide range of revenue assignments even without any tax autonomy. This can be achieved through intergovernmental transfers. However, this approach raises concerns because if governments are allowed to carry out the transfers, the country will end up overspending on local services because they will fail to internalize the full cost of providing the benefits (Bahl, 2008).

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Political accountability can be enhanced through the provision of sub-national governments with revenue autonomy. In this context, sub-national governments in LDC will be able to raise their own funds and face hard budget problems on their operating budgets.

Essay on Economic Advisor to a Less Developed Nation in Africa Assignment

In the perspective of LDCs, I would recommend that these governments raise their own revenue to finance expenditures at different margins. This will create a nexus link between the cost of providing the services and the benefits of locally provided services. This will encourage the nation to internalize the marginal costs of providing services thus avoiding overspending on them. Alternatively, once LDC accepts that the sub-national governments need at least some form of limited tax autonomy, they will be able to limit some ways of levying certain taxes such as introducing taxes on inter-jurisdictional trade (Bahl, 2008).

With the above general restrictions in place, any LDC in Africa can choose between a closed list of allowable taxes and an open list of taxes. Whichever approach the country adopts, they will enjoy significant benefits. In overall terms, if the country embraces a closed list of sub-national taxes, it may be able to avoid the introduction of highly distortionary taxes and nuisance taxes, which can easily impede on their economic development and growth. Alternatively adopting a closed lit of taxes may encourage for the cohabitation of tax bases by intergovernmental transfers and different levels of government designed to correct for vertical externalities (Bahl, 2008).

Property Tax 3

Two features of an economic system that I would recommend this country implement.

Unlimited Government Intervention: under such an economy, the government intervenes more in the country's businesses. This feature suggest that the nation will not laissez-faire meaning that the government will provide maximum support in economic matters of the country. The main function of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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