Economic Issue in Health Care Essay

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(PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 2013).


This paper evaluated inflationary pressures as a current economic issue as it relates to healthcare in the light of two important economic tools, demand and supply and cost analysis. Using the first tool, 'demand and supply', it is been found that shifting trends in healthcare have resulted in a big mismatch between supply and demand options. The costs of healthcare services have been increasing day by day which are putting direct negative pressures on individual patients, hospitals, and the governments. There exists a large gap between the demand and supply of reliable and cost effective medical treatments in rural and urban areas which directly affects the costs of these treatments and general healthcare services for all individuals. The most recent financial crisis also left bad impacts on the overall healthcare spending of the general public. The governmental bodies like ACA has taken initiatives to control this increasing rate of inflation for the healthcare industry by taking cooperation from the hospitals, health care organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.


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Essay on Economic Issue in Health Care Assignment

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