Economics of Banking General Economic Questions Write Term Paper

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Economics of Banking

General Economic Questions

Write a one sentence description for each of the following financial instruments. Then fill in the following table in terms of type of claim (debt/equity), maturity (money market/capital market), risk (low/high/highest), and liquidity (low/medium/high). Identify a type of financial institution or other participant in the financial market (individuals, government, and business) that are most likely to borrow using these instruments, and a type of institution or other participant that are most likely to lend using these instruments.

A a) Commercial Paper: An instrument issued by commercial companies (banks, insurance and corporations) which offers fixed, generally low short-term rates for loans to the issuer for periods of one night ('overnights') to several months. It is generally used to fund working capital.

A b) Consumer Loans (Credit Card): Non-secured loans to consumers, generally with an indeterminate end date and minimum payments which are mostly interest.

Residential Mortgages: Secured loans to consumers using their primary or secondary residences as the main collateral. Generally backed by FHA if below certain threshold amounts, which change regularly.

A d) Municipal Bonds: Debt obligations issued by cities and counties, generally tax-free at the state level.

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A e) Repurchase Agreements: Financial instruments issued in the money markets in which the seller provides securities to the buyer; the seller agrees to repurchase those securities for a greater sum at a later date.

A f) Junk Bonds: Bonds issued by debtors whose credit rating is below "investment grade," generally less than B. rating. These generally carry higher risk, but higher interest rates, than investment-grade bonds.

Type of claim




Commercial paper


Consumer loans



Residential mortgages

TOPIC: Term Paper on Economics of Banking General Economic Questions Write Assignment


5-30 years

Municipal bonds


1-30 years

Repurchase agreements

Debt/Equity kicker

Usually <1 year

Junk bonds


1-30 years

Likely to borrow

Likely to lend

Commercial Paper


Banks, Money Market funds

Residential Mortgages


Banks, Mutual funds

Municipal Bonds

Cities, Counties

Banks, consumers

Junk Bonds


Consumers, Mutual funds

Type Maturity Risk Liquidity Borrower Lender Commercial Paper Credit Cards Banker's Acceptances Residential Mortgages Municipal Bonds Repurchase Agreement Junk Bonds

2) Each of the following will make a poor medium of exchange except one. Why is each a poor medium of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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