Economics of Energy Essay

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Further, it is not renewables that are pushing the fossil fuel industry towards collapse. First, he contradicts himself -- if the collapse is inevitable it cannot be renewables causing it. More than that, it is declining supplies of fossil fuels that will bring about their eventual collapse, and renewables may rise up as substitutes but only when fossil fuels are no longer economically viable.

Another issue to take is his discussion that climate change and the collapse of fossil fuels are related. This is misplaced causation. Climate change is already occurring, and its most dramatic effects will be concurrent with the end of fossil fuel consumption, but are not the cause of it. One could also take issue with his pronouncements about solar. Prices might be coming down -- that's great -- but widespread deployment to this point has relying on market-distorting subsidies (in Germany, for example). The market case for solar that he tries to make is not really a free market case at all.

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One thing Gilding is right about is that localized power is a threat to centralized grids. Right now, people with their own power can sell back to the grid, but eventually, communities will be able to power themselves. But at the end of the day, he's projecting way out into the future on a lot of things. I get that he's trying to sell books, but the hyperbole and rampant projections hurt his credibility. There's nuggets of value, but he's not writing for an audience predisposed to critical thinking.


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