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After working as a contributor to Applause Africa Magazine, I feel ready to begin a new career in journalism with a focus on bringing about change in the developing world.

Walter H. Diamond and Dorothy B. Diamond International Business Journalism Fellowship

My interest in journalism stems from my desire to share the rich cultural experiences I have had in Africa. After my appearance on The Apprentice: Africa, I met entrepreneurs, designers, writers, and politicians while on my tour across Sub-Saharan and South Africa. Their stories inspired me to create a venue to share their tales. I launched O&M Media and produced a new Pan-African television series, called Africa's Top 100 Entrepreneurs. In preparation for the show, I co-wrote the treatment and production bible, conducted detailed interviews, and contributed stories about the entrepreneurs to the local media to attract sponsors. Despite the grueling work of launching a company and starting a show from scratch, it was immensely gratifying to bring previously unrecognized experiences to the public's attention.

Upon returning to New York City, I found myself yearning to share more of the remarkable stories I had gathered while living in Nigeria. By cultivating my writing skills, I realized I might be able to once again establish a platform for the many inspiring stories. I began contributing to Applause Africa magazine in New York, composing pieces on topics such as the success of African fashion designers.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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My experience with O&M Media and Applause Africa magazine has not only reinforced my interest in journalism, but also made me aware of the higher purpose of my writing. Through my reporting, I want to teach readers about today's Africa, cultivate positive opinion and ultimately benefit its hard-working, inspiring entrepreneurs. Becoming a journalist means accepting the privilege and responsibility of presenting the truth about Africa to the public. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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