Thesis: Editing Veterans With Stress

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¶ … PTSD is a known disease worldwide. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not really know much information about it.That is why a lot of people or businesses don't hire veterans because of the negative perception about them.

As United States involvement with conflicts in the Middle East comes to a close troops are returning to the civilian work force. In a June 2010 poll, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 46% of the HR professionals responding said post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues pose hiring challenges. Just 22% said the same about combat-related physical disabilities (National Center for PTSD, 2015).

The source "Mental Health Beliefs and Their Relationship With Treatment Seeking Among U.S. OEF/OIF Veterans," provides research that many veterans do not have any mental health treatment nor know anything about PTSD. The goal of this research is to help veterans seek help about PTSD and stop discrimination at work or at school for veterans with PTSD (Vogt, Fox, & Di Leone). The researchers accomplished this goal by a proposition that a person's own beliefs is a barrier more than a stigma from other people is (Vogt, Fox, & Di Leone, 2014). This source is based on the theory of research and experiment. The research was to examine how mental health beliefs differ from veterans with mental problems and without (NAME OF AUTHOR, 2014, p. 308). Using credible sources helps validate one's work and lends credibility in one's future action plan. This source is credible because it is published in a scholarly peer reviewed journal and was located through a legitimate journal database. This source is relevant to the problems of veterans with PTSD because most individuals and businesses do not want to hire them because they think that they are violent. This source conforms to the ethical guidelines of psychology by Dawn Vogt, Annie B. Fox, and Brooke A.L. Di Leone (2014, p. 307-313). The researchers were very up front and open about the details and expectations of the experiment. They also kept the participants' information private (Vogt, Fox, & Di Leone, 2014). The participants were informed about the experiments first hand and given a consent form. These offered assurance that the participants are not related to any of the researchers. The source is "Help-Seeking Stigma and Mental Health Treatment Seeking Among Young Adult Veterans." The purpose of this source is to learn more about PTSD treatments and find social support. It is also to know that treatment helps and to get support from family and friends. The goal of this research is to understand veterans with PTSD and how to help them improve their mental health (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall, 2015). The researchers accomplished this goal by making the public aware of PTSD in veterans and educating the public about PTSD. (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall, YEAR). This source is based on the theory of misperceptions and stigma. Most veterans don't seek help because they think they will be better on their own and just ignore their symptoms. They are scared that people will judge them (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall). The source is credible because of the author's good credentials and the research was published recently. This source is relevant because PTSD is a known disease, yet it is interpreted negatively. Often, veterans do not get help or do not want any help because they do not want society to think that they are weak or something. This source conforms to the ethical guidelines of psychology by maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the participants.. The researchers did not mention any name of the participants (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall, 2015). Before the research had begun, the participants handed in consent forms (Kulesza, Pedersen, & Marshall).


National Center for… [END OF PREVIEW]

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