Education Describe Your Most Important Accomplishment Application Essay

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Describe your most important accomplishment in the classroom or with a specific student(s)? What key strategies contributed to your success? How did you track your progress to ensure that you were successful?

Marcella was an Algerian-French student. She spoke good English, but not fluent enough to be a confident participator in classroom discussions. Because she was shy, she did not have many apparent friends. I could tell that Marcella had trouble in group lessons, collaborative learning environments, and any situation involving peer interaction. She also participated very little in class. Her assignments were usually good, and she tested well. Marcella was not the best student in class, but she was far from being the worst. However, it seemed that she was not reaching her fullest academic potential. I ascertained from her essays that Marcella was passionate about matters related to social justice, so I did something different. I surreptitiously designed an extra credit assignment with Marcella in mind, but which could also inspire other students. The assignment involved students investigating a human rights issue and the responses to that issue from non-profit and non-governmental organizations. As I hoped, Marcella excelled at this assignment. I had correctly intuited that her core strengths were a global understanding of world issues and the public policy measure that could be designed to mitigate those issues.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Application Essay on Education Describe Your Most Important Accomplishment in Assignment

Wanting very badly to encourage Marcella to pursue her interests and apply to universities with solid political science and public policy programs, I decided to hold a special meeting for any students wishing to attend. The meeting was about planning for the future. Assuming the role of coach and mentor, I asked students to come as prepared as they wanted -- there was no obligation to bring me their personal statements related to university. I just wanted the students to think about their future, as I had no idea what their parents or the school counselors were doing to support them. During my meeting with students, we used the computer terminals and Internet access to help each of us research topics of interest and reveal career paths and educational trajectories. The students were surprisingly interested and enthusiastic about the assignment, and Marcella located a university to which she was eventually accepted. I did not need to track my progress to ensure that I was successful; I later found out that Marcella had graduated with honors and had already received an entry-level post with the World Bank in community development.

2. Describe how you establish instructional expectations for your students. Be sure to address the following in your description.

What key factors are considered when establishing these expectations?

I establish instructional expectations using several factors, including educational standards. Each of my lessons is rooted in a set of standards applicable to the subject matter. Other factors that I consider when establishing the expectations I have for students include my own perception of student aptitude and achievement, as well as prior learning experiences. My expectations will change for each class, and also depending on contextual issues like what students are learning at the time in their other classes or what is going on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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