Education Diversity Term Paper

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Education Diversity

I define diversity as simply the quality of difference that is observed in different things and people. Diversity in a social context is code word for people of color such as blacks and Latinos. Diversity is always to be encouraged in many educational contexts although I think it is mostly misunderstood by students and teachers alike. To me diversity, is simply a word that highlights the amount of similarity or lack of similarity in two distinct objects. The word has been charged in recent years with a potency to increase inter-racial harmony and understanding. Diversity is the opposite of equality.

I am diverse in many ways. My diversity is a product of my physical, emotional and mental capabilities and effusions. My culture is not unique but I am diverse because in the way I apply it to my own personal philosophy and understanding of the world. Some characteristics that describe my diversity include: my family, my place within my family, my race, my place within my race, my eyes, my fingerprints, my smell, my style, my favorite foods, my love for dogs and my hatred for cats, my musical ability, my athletic ability, my ability to empathize with others, my tennis game, my golf game and my cooking skills all contribute to my diversity.

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The individual is often frowned down upon in today's society. There are strict but hidden rules that prevents even the mentioning of some words, regardless of context. My individuality is guaranteed by my faith in my creator and the uniqueness of my situation here on earth as I exist today. Uniqueness is inescapable. Just living and being provides a radiant beam of life that is vibrating at its own unique frequency. Individuation occurs, at least for me, at an internal and inward level of consciousness that will never be fully understood or manifested in the material world. To know myself is to be myself and uniqueness is inherent in the greater self as well.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Education Diversity I Define Diversity Assignment

Diversity does not directly influence me as an educator. My teaching philosophy attempts to transcends the idea of race and focus on the act of learning. Differences and similarities are two sides of the same coin and too much diversity is just as bad as not enough. Striking a balance of what is important in the classroom includes using change and diverse tactics to help provide an enjoyable, learning experience that provides a greater benefit to the community and the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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