Article Critique: Education Ethics in Education Research

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Ethics in Education Research

What is your assessment of the arguments here?

I think that the arguments that are made are very sound in nature. When research is conducted using human beings then it is very important to make sure that are ethical considerations are taken into account. Ethical issues are especially important in research that is conducted in the area of education. These studies often involve a person in their work and sometimes their personal lives which is why it is so important.

Ethical questions are often at the heart of many issues that surround research. Questions that surround democratic processes in the conduct of research, the rights of participants, and access to and use of the knowledge that is produced are typical Ethical issues. Because of this it is very important when planning research to make sure that all of the bases are covered before any research is conducted. This ensures that the research is conducted in the most ethical manner possible.

Educational research is special because it involves people and their lives. It is also important because it has such far reaching implications. Any educational research must be able to show the connections between its specific focus and the broader context. Research that is done in an educational setting is so often used as the benchmark for how things are done and how things should be. This is another reason why it is so important that it be carried out under the strictest ethical conditions. The bottom line is that when people design research studies they must take into account all of the consequences that might come from their research. It is possible that their research could affect more than just their immediate question at hand. The consequences can be endless.

Do you believe that educational research is a moral and political enterprise in the sense outlined?

I think that educational research is definitely a moral and political enterprise as outlined. So many people do research today not just based upon a burning question that they have but based on a political or moral agenda that they have. It is these often hidden agendas that bring out the questions of ethics into the picture.

Often times research is conducted based on claims that it is in the best interest of the people and therefore assumes a view of what that interest is. The problem lies in that what the researchers believe is best for people, may truly not be. Research can also have important effects on people which therefore entail moral obligations both in its conduct and in the recommendations that come from it.

Research can be seen as political because it is being done by institutions which are subject to the rules of public policy which can cause conflict of interests. It is also an institutional activity which itself involves and affects power relationships. It is often thought that it can enable people to control and change elements of social practice in order to meet their own objectives.

There appear to be a lot of outside influences that can have affects on educational research. These influences must not be allowed to guide how research is performed or even the topics on which research is done. All research must be done in an ethical way so that hidden agendas cannot be met. Research should have a purpose and it should be to help the greatest amount of people and not just one specific person or group. Keeping educational research on a straight and narrow path is the best way to make sure that the results are the most useful for the most number of people.

If so, what are the implications for the way research is conducted?

Research must be conducted at the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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