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What role will you play in the adoption of the new technology? I will be the purchaser and negotiator for licensing fees.

What training may be needed to be organized and for whom will it be necessary?

I intend to be a train the trainer and we shall utilize the vampire effect for training. I will teach two people and they will in turn teach four and so on 17. Record an example of how you have used new technology that is currently being implemented in your classroom. New technology may include current programmes such as Microsoft Words, Excel or PowerPoint.

Although the written word is still the best way of communication, that word is usually now in a computer driven font after having been typed and laser printed as opposed to ball point pen and paper driven. The entire class is already familiar with MS Word and they feel it is easier to type than it is to write. But when the class showed us that the Word Program was originally a desk top publishing program, we were amazed. The class created from start to finish a new newsletter that looks completely professional. The advantage to using a program like Word far outweighs the concerns I originally held.

18. Conduct a brief interview with a colleague relating to the fairly recent introduction of a technology resource. After conducting the interview and reflecting upon the information gathered, briefly explain whether the introduction of the new technology resource was appropriate. WHY? Why NOT?

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Televisions in the classrooms are a huge success. The Televisions provide a way to have standardized morning messages, access to new teaching aids such as the weather channel and down time when needed. At first it was thought that the teaching staffs would become overly reliant on the television in the class but to the contrary, the teachers seem to be working harder trying to find constructive ways to use the new tool.

19. Some examples of current changes in technology were staff meetings, professional development, and specific recording formats etc. record two of the current changes in technology below and briefly explain:

Term Paper on Education Explain What Steps You Assignment

a) Current change: professional development and staff meetings can be considered technology advancements because they have changed the way an individual approaches the objective of job fulfillment and how the boss was able to communicate objectives efficiently.

A b) How this change was shared with colleagues.

A c) When and if these changes will be implemented. If not, why not?

A d) How the school implemented the change into the classroom and/or school. Teachers are now more aware of their career paths and they can communicate in line with what a supervisor instructed and entire team to teach or motivate or whatever the staff meeting suggest.

20. Discuss the main points listed with your supervisor in relation to the topic: "The impact of technology in your work place." Record the responses column a "Benefits": column b "Considerations": and at the bottom your discussion on these topics.

The current technological changes that apply to the classroom/school

The impact technology will have on effective work performance within the school

The changes in equipment and/or technology throughout the school over a period of time

The effects of technology on current work practices

The ways of upgrading skills to include the use of new technology

21. Discuss with your supervisor how your workplace may:

Continually apply informal and/or formal research to update knowledge of any subsequent new technologies that may impact on work practices. By joining a national organization like consumer reports or other testing facilities magazines, one can stay abreast of those items that could enhance the business aspects of any business.

Monitor current changes in technology and implement those changes when required. By creating an AOL email account for one individual ro for the entire staff, email news catchers can be set that work like clipping services. These services provide the information on the latest and greatest.

Share updated knowledge with colleagues as appropriate and incorporate information into day-to-day work activities. The best way to share information is to have a combination team newsletter that is simply a compilation of existing news releases and stories that will keep all abreast of new technologies.


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