Education and Freedom Essay

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Freedom and Education

United States of America is one of the renowned and advance countries of the world from the point-of-view of freedom of mind with proper education. Government is providing all necessary right resources to young Americans for excelling in a rapid era of competition. The role of teacher is also much important for the delivery of accurate knowledge to the young and new generation for the purpose of developing a strong nation (Church).

Education means knowledge and delivery of knowledge in any field to support the rights of freedom. Without proper knowledge, it is impossible to find the right direction of life. A mind cannot be developed without proper education and knowledge. People become capable of thinking innovatively about the use and application of knowledge by getting proper education in any particular field. Therefore, it is possible to relate education with freedom and development of psychology and mind (Burnside, Smith and Pasolini).

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Education should not follow liberal approach because of so many reasons. It is the basic social science that people follow to those areas in which they can get benefits and enjoyment whether is the education of games, commerce, and professional education. The basic benefit of education is that it helps people to decide which area is better. People can freely decide any source of income or profession in which they enjoy working. There is no compulsion that they should only have to do that profession which is pretty much beneficial from the income point-of-view. This kind of thinking can only be maintained and developed when minds are developed not as a liberal mind (Austin).

Essay on Education and Freedom Assignment

Psychologically, good education and counseling is the foremost and fundamental right of all the citizens of any country whether it is USA or any other country because education polishes and develops citizens. Education has so many benefits and advantages regarding the success and developments of any country in terms of confidence and minorities rights of freedom. Education does not supply biasness at all in any respect but it always teaches people to treat all the people equally with all the justice and impartiality. Some people believe that Christian, Muslims, Jewish are of different minds and types of people. They consider every religion differently but it is not the case. Every human being is equally important because… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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