Education Group Cohesion Cohesiveness Is a Gauge Research Paper

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Group Cohesion

Cohesiveness is a gauge of the appeal of the group to its members and the opposition to leaving it, the sense of team spirit, and the readiness of its members to synchronize their efforts. In relation to members of a low-cohesive group, those in a high-cohesive group will, consequently, be eager to attend meetings, be contented with the group, be helpful and friendly with each other, and be more successful in achieving the goals they set for themselves. The low-cohesive group will have a lot of absenteeism, the expansion of cliques and factions, and a sense of irritation at the lack of achievement (Characteristics of a group, 2011).

There are four components of group cohesiveness. These include:

People who like each other communicate better and more regularly with each other.

Groups that are more cohesive have optimistic interactions with one another.

A group that has a high level of group cohesiveness is much more victorious in achieving their goals.

The members in groups that are cohesive are much more content with that group (Group Cohesiveness, n.d.).

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Productivity of any business is always dependant on the performance of its individuals and groups. Where leadership, path and communique are evident, high productivity is most likely. However, where there is a lack of clear leadership, path and communique, the need to balance will result in too many people stepping forward to take ownership or manage. This typically results in conflict for power and status, in the end resulting in too many people giving orders and not enough people doing the work (Sooialo, 2010).

Research Paper on Education Group Cohesion Cohesiveness Is a Gauge Assignment

The researchers in the Harley Davidson case found that in order to improve cohesiveness within work teams companies must increase team members influence over staffing and increase the perception of plant leadership's fairness. Groups that have cohesiveness often experience the following benefits from cohesiveness: affiliation, power, affection and prestige. In the case of Harley Davidson the members of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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