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The lesson has a clear purpose which is transmitted during lesson presentation.

In the introduction to the film, the teacher clearly states her objectives for the lesson and explains the use of the pan balance as a tool to teach pre-algebra to fifth graders. The pan balance offers a visual, tactile method that students can use to supplement the equations in their texts. Equations that are generally represented with equal signs can now become visualized more in terms of their algebraic meaning: as balance between the two sides. Finally, the instructor emphasizes that the basis of the lesson is to understand the concept of equality or equivalence: which is central to the study of algebra.

The lesson refers to background knowledge and information from previous lessons.

In the video, the teacher does not refer directly to background knowledge from previous lessons. However, it is apparent that the students are familiar with fundamental knowledge that enables them to perform the algebraic equations. For example, the students must frequently subtract, add, multiply or divide from each side of the pan balance to reach the correct answer to the problem. The teacher works with the students as if they already have a firm grasp of basic mathematical principles as well as the overall concept of what an equation is.

C. The lesson has a clear delivery method(s) (e.g., direct instruction, indirect instruction, cooperative learning, inquiry, self-directed learning).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Education the Lesson Has a Clear Purpose Assignment

The greatest strength of the teacher's lesson delivery is the variety of teaching methods she uses. Direct instruction enables her to direct the entire class's attention to the board when she is explaining core concepts or going over specific problems. The indirect instructional methods she uses includes subtle hints as well as inquiry. Inquiries are directed at individual students or to the class as a whole with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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