Education Mcintyre Discusses Various Paradigms of Research Thesis

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McIntyre Discusses Various Paradigms of Research

What are the different rules and assumptions of these paradigms?

The different rules and assumptions of these paradigms all revolve around how adult education is conducted, and how it should change to incorporate more ideas and research principles. One accepted paradigm that the author wants to change is the participation paradigm, because it is outdated and has been done repeatedly. The rules of this paradigm include why people take distance education courses, why they chose distance education, and what they get out of the courses (if they participate). While these studies have been valid in the past, they have been done, and instead of rehashing old information, and making assumptions from this old information, new research and paradigms need to be created to create a new type of adult and distance education information.

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Another paradigm is the context and structure of learning. Often, the rules regarding this are quite strict and inflexible, making adult learning and adult learners conform to certain educational molds, even though they represent very non-traditional learners. Distance education has to be delivered in certain ways, and research into new types of distance learning meet with resistance, because it is limited by frameworks and perhaps the researchers own biases. Again, the author thinks researchers may have pre-established conjectures and assumptions about distance education before they start, so they follow the accepted rules and practices, and do not really come up with new results or ideas.

Thesis on Education Mcintyre Discusses Various Paradigms of Research Assignment

Social research is another paradigm the author promotes, as opposed to the idea of formal inquiry for scholarly purposes. He believes that advocacy and public interest organizations are more geared toward creating this type of research, because they are more open to new research methods instead of tied to the old "rules" and regulations of formal research. Social research is also more appropriate for adult education because most adult learners are out of the mainstream of higher education, and so, they have… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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