Education in Nabokov's Book Speak Essay

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¶ … education in Nabokov's book Speak and how you used it to discuss your experiences being tutored. I felt it offered a sense of connection when discussing the desire to pay it forward or pay it back in relation to your parent's hard work and desire for you to get a good education. I felt the instances you spoke of not only described well the two themes discussed in the book, as well as in your essay: travel, memory, and education. You were also able to offer memorable description throughout the essay.

The train ride associated with the pool and your aunt, and the fear of going into the water, it made the essay impactful and made me want to continue reading. What I needed more of was more actual examples from the text of where and how these themes discussed earlier were demonstrated. I did not get a thorough understanding from the times you mentioned Nabokov apart from his father hiring a tutor and the cousin accompanied train ride. How did he get smarter? What area did he get smarter in?

You painted such a clear picture of your own memories, I would have liked a clearer picture painted of the book's memories too. I think that elaborating more and using quotes from the book would help cement the comparison of the wonderfully described memories of your life. Being specific in the book as well as specific in your memories allows for improved focus in the essay.

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I can use an instance from my life to show you. On page 30 of the novel, Speak, Nabakov discusses of the chaotic nature of life: "The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness." Life truly has many instances of random occurrence and it is up to use to decide how we might respond to them if they ever were to occur. Using common sense and being aware of how things exist within their space helps to decipher, even if at best a little, the possible ways life might occur.


Essay on Education in Nabokov's Book Speak and How Assignment

I enjoyed reading your essay and your descriptions were vivid and detailed. The floating arm bands, the small "mouse" hole,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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