Education Perspectives: Teacher vs. Administrator Essay

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" He also mentioned that he felt more Christian educators in the public sector were needed. The teacher said her greatest educational influence was her fourth grade teacher, who showed she cared for her by teaching her how to tell time without publicly humiliating her for not mastering this skill before the age of 10. The administrator identified a teacher who was always patient with the rowdy students in school and could "direct our energy toward the educational perspectives."

The teacher said the greatest benefit to being an educator is "watching the light bulbs turn on. I love seeing kids master something that they didn't know or know how to do. Your students are like sponges and they are just waiting for you to let them soak up as much information as they can, as long as you present it in a fun, non-threatening way.this is my greatest benefit.Of course I LOVE to get hugs from past students each morning as they walk on down the hall to 3rd grade too." The administrator identified his greatest benefit as a feeling of well being derived from the satisfaction of seeing every child involved. "I have always felt concern for the child shoved aside and left to themselves," he stated.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Education Perspectives: Teacher vs. Administrator Assignment

Interestingly, the teacher identified her greatest challenge as "all of the BS that…
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