Education Plan of Action Allegations of Sexual Essay

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Plan of Action

Allegations of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously, and immediately addressed in a sensitive but comprehensive manner. The Trenton School District's (2012) policy is unequivocal on this matter: "The Trenton R-IX School District and its employees will take action to protect students and other children from harm including…abuse and neglect, and will respond immediately when discovering evidence of harm to a child." The alleged misconduct seriously jeopardizes the safety and security of our school and students. Principles related to school safety and security include However, I need to act in a manner consistent with the law, professional ethics, and due diligence. It would be unethical, inappropriate, and unprofessional to prematurely suspend Mr. Smithson before a few preliminary steps.

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My first step is to review all the relevant laws and literature related to our school district, and any prior case studies in which a principal in a Trenton Public Schools dealt with a similar issue. This will take some time, as I would also need to review state laws regarding sexual misconduct or assault. Therefore, this step is considered to be more of an ongoing one than a chronologically first step in the investigation. I can ask for my assistants' help in the matter, too, as we proceed together. State law and board policy are fairly clear about issues related to sexual misconduct and how to proceed with regards to alleged sexual misconduct. With regards to the State of New Jersey, there is no statute of limitations on how reporting a crime (New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault, n.d.). Therefore, our district can proceed with the investigation at its own pace and focus on ensuring the safety of the students rather than becoming preoccupied with the potential perpetrator.

TOPIC: Essay on Education Plan of Action Allegations of Sexual Assignment

The second step would in fact be to consult with Ann Good. Because Mr. Smithson is a friend of Tom Brown, it would be wise to postpone confronting Tom Brown on these allegations. I would also hold some meetings with both Ann Good and with Mr. Black, in case Ann Good has any other questions she might want to ask of Mr. Black. It is important to work as a team, and to keep my assistant principals abreast of issues like these. For the time being, we will leave out Tom Brown until we can be sure of the allegations.

The third step would be to gather information. I would first call Joe Black for a conversation. I would thank Mr. Black for bringing the issue to my attention, and ask for his full support in helping the investigation along. Because Mr. Black is a custodian who has the potential to observe what is going on around the school, his help could prove invaluable. I would reassure Mr. Black that his job is secure and in fact, may be strengthened, by his participation. Citing the Trenton R-IX School District's policy for Mr. Black might be helpful: "The district prohibits discrimination, negative job action or retaliation against any district employee who in good faith reports alleged child abuse or neglect, including alleged misconduct by another district employee." Mr. Black has already done his duty in acting on "reasonable cause" for suspicion (Trenton School District,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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