Education Politics Dumping Term Paper

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The History

There was five internal and phone conference meeting that could have save the lives of the pilot and crew of the Challenger. The meetings were geared to provide enough information to give a go or to reschedule the lift off. It appears that even though there were five meetings and all of the critical data of the O. rings was discussed, in the end the two NASA administrators who were in charge of the lift off decision felt that they could override the fears of a few colleagues.


The alternatives for solving the problem come down to reevaluating the final decision process. In this case, the Challenger had been rescheduled several times before so apparently the decision tree worked some of the time. The question then is to see if this was a onetime occurrence or if this could happen again.

Specific Concepts

The specific theoretical concepts under review were the failure of the organization to eliminate an environment of pressured decision-making because of the big money contracts and governmental support, Congressional and private sector infighting both internally and externally through a large number of military and other governmental agencies. Everybody wanted a piece of the pie so to speak.


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This case was significant for many reasons but the most important is that it will help save the lives of future space travelers and it may help clean up the decision making process of NASA. NASA failed to communicate properly and also to understand and analyze the data they had. They became sloppy and made many mistakes and as a result the crew of the challenger lost their lives. This should not happen again since this disaster brought to light many flaws in the system.

CASE 3- The Decision To Bomb the Serbs

The Problem

During the time of President Clinton's impeachment process, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was perpetrating ethnic cleansing in Europe.

The History

Term Paper on Education Politics Dumping

.6 Million

After promising peace in Dayton Ohio, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic reneged on the signed obligations and continued to kill Kosovo Muslims in efforts to perpetrate ethnic cleansing. At the same time, Bill Clinton was forced to spend all of his time and effort in first, stopping an impeachment and second, staying out of jail. These two separate events became one as the United States intervened in order to maintain peace in Europe. The U.S. was actually trying to stop WWIII in the same way the Serbians influenced both WWI AND II.


It is difficult to say Bill Clinton was wrong. How do you fix Kosovo if you cannot fix your own personal life? If he had been convicted or impeached, this would have been someone else's problem, mainly Al Gore in this case. Saying to President Clinton, don't focus on your own problems, focus on the other country's seems outrageous. But, the administrative process should have been able to be just as affective with or without its leader.

Specific Concepts

This case demonstrated the problems world leaders, business managers or just someone running a household can face when either internal or external problems interfere in the decision making process. In this case, Bill Clinton had to focus all of his time and energy on his personal problems as the international concerns escalated out of control.


Once Bill Clinton was no longer in the impeachment hot seat, he and the United States were able to focus more attention on the Serbian problem. The Albanians had to influence the international community to cooperate with the peace deals and they had to prove that Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic refused to negotiate even after American representatives had clear proof with photographic evidence of massacres mass graves. Eventually, negotiations broke down for the last time after Serbian buildup of troops around Kosovo broke the camel's back and the U.S. Backed NSATO forces bombed Serbian points of interest. .

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